Even before hiring an employee for a simple job, it takes so much of interviews and his ability to check for work.

We do not just hire anybody who walks into our office premises.

We check the aptitude and knowledge of the candidate based on some tests and interviews. When we follow such crucial steps while hiring employees for the organization, then why don’t we be a little more considerate while hiring an expert for digital marketing? Because he/she would be someone who carries an entire load of company’s marketing related stuff?

Obviously hiring a digital marketing agency in Jaipur can be a little uphill task because of the infinite number of candidate options you have. Not all of them would be able to get you the results you are looking for. Some may not have experience in your niche.

You just need to find the best one that suits your company’s requirements. Well, it requires a lot of tests to finalize someone for this crucial job because anyways the digital marketer is the one who is going to make your brand known to the world.

List of points to keep in mind before hiring someone for digital marketing:

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1. Similar Experience

A digital marketer who has experience in the industry the same as yours.
Before hiring someone make sure that he/she has experience in your industry. Because they know what strategies and expertise will be required for that area of Industry.

Also, they know the trouble spots and ways to tackle them. A digital marketer with the same industry experience can help you design strategies and organize a marketing campaign for your brand to attract your target audience for it.

While hiring someone ask them whether they had achieved any win inexperience in reference to digital marketing. For instance, you are a software developing company and offer end products to your client, does he/she ever do marketing for a similar kind of purpose. What strategies and campaign did they do? And what were the results? Ask as many questions you can to know whether the person can do it for your brand as well.
It is necessary to have a similar kind of experience as the person would help your industry with great campaigns and strategies, also they know the pitfalls of it.

2. What Skills They Have?


Digital marketing is a vast area it includes several sections where a person needs to work for making a brand/ product known to audiences digitally.

It includes several areas that include Marketing planning, great content development, brand visibility on social media, Management on social media, Email Marketing, PPC, conversion optimization, Analysis and metrics (lead generation, brand awareness, sales and much more).
With a wide range of working areas, the person you choose must know the maximum of these, so he/ she can leave no stone unturned to get your website the greatest number of viewers and catch the audience’s attention.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask your To-be digital marketer that what skills they possess and how good they are at. Full-stack marketers are hard to found but keep your search on because digital marketing does all the “business-marketing” work for your company. Their proficiency in different areas will help your company to grow.

3. Analytical skills:

Analytical Skills

Many Businesses failed because the people under the digital marketing team failed to analyze and use the data of “Google Analytics” sufficiently. Google Analytics is a free analytic system that allows you to see the insight of your website traffic and its overall performance. Correct and proper analysis can allow you to identify the drawbacks and work on them by improving the digital marketing strategies.

Also, it gives you opportunities where you can work for better customer experiences. Hence find a person who can monitor these data, if a company is huge than data and reports will be huge. So someone who can see, analyze and handle this huge collection of website’s data and plan strategies accordingly. He/she should be able to use information, for instance, a past month sales can help you to predict the next month sales, now it will give you an idea about the production you just do.

4. Should Have Understanding of Some Coding Skills

Coding Skills

Well, it is a bit arguable thing to have or do not have the coding skills in a marketing person because coding and development mean a whole different thing. But it is always beneficial to know the basics of anything.

The basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is required in the SEO process that comes under digital marketing. A person with this basic knowledge would not depend on developers for some quick fixes and edits in codes. We are not saying to design something wholly but adding meta tags and meta keywords are necessary for SEO which is a work of digital marketer and that requires HTML and CSS.

Therefore, it would better if you hire someone who can fix small things like formatting in blogs, add headings, adding hyperlinks in articles, building tables, listings and many other small things using HTML and CSS, if there is no help available from developer’s side.

5. Expertise in Paid Social Media Advertising:

Paid Social Media Advertising

When you hire a digital marketer, make sure that he/she is adept and experienced in paid media advertising especially the platform which your business is already using and that has covered many audiences.

The platform can be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other, the important thing is that he/she should be able to understand the insights and analytics of that platform and should be knowledgeable enough to use that piece of information for orienting more audience.

Creating attractive campaigns, posts, images should be an easy task for him/her. Facebook and other marketing space provide many features and options through which one can promote a brand, products or services, therefore hire someone who is cognizant about all social media platforms because these platforms give you a huge number of audiences to reach out. One should just know how to do it. That’s it!

6. Does he/she possess SALES skills?

It is a must-have quality for a digital marketer. A person who has selling ability is prone to be a good marketer as they know how to generate the need for a product or service even when they don’t require it. That is the most unique thing about people having sales skills.

They know how to grab attention and engage customers and then create sales opportunities. Though digital marketers do not make sales first directly, they are the one who creates/generate sales leads, therefore they should possess sales qualities as well.


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