Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile? Take this test to find out

LinkedIn is a popular place for people to check you out. Are you embarrassed at what they find? Did you know that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn for finding job candidates? Did you know that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates? Prospective employees also check you out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular platform for prospects and clients to look up your profile. What will they discover?

Your LinkedIn profile and Business Profile can be a valuable career development tool. Are others impressed by your profile? Find out by answering these questions about yourself.

How many connections are you connected on Your LinkedIn profile ?

  1. 500+
  2. 300-500
  3. 200-300
  4. 100-200
  5. Below 100

ANSWER LinkedIn states that you need between 300 and 500 connections to build a strong network. LinkedIn says connections are people you know, work with, attended college with, or have been friends with.

How old are your LinkedIn profile photos?

  1. No older than 6 months
  2. These data were taken in the last 2 years
  3. Ages 3-5
  4. Older than 5 Years
  5. Do not have one

ANSWER LinkedIn claims that a photo gets 21 times as many views than a text. You must upload a recent photo and no more than two years old.

Is your LinkedIn profile photo professional and smiling?

  1. Professionally-looking Photos
  2. It includes a personal photo of me
  3. I just uploaded what I had on my smartphone
  4. Photo, but not smiling
  5. There is no picture

ANSWER Take a high-quality and high-resolution headshot. Use a plain background. You will look happy and engaged.

Have you created a background photo for your LinkedIn profile?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER A background photo is a great way to make your LinkedIn page stand out.

Is your Current Job title your Headline?

  1. Yes
  2. No

This happens automatically. LinkedIn’s headline is the most searched section. You must choose the right keywords, including potential job titles and any credentials such as Corporate Communication or Brand Director. You can also add your industry or tagline about your top abilities or product.

Your Summary or About section should be written in the 1st person.

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER 1st Person is the best writing style. LinkedIn encourages you to share your personality, strengths, and how you interact with others. Note the job title that you want and the best way to connect with employers if you are not employed. If you’re selling a product or service, describe what it is and how it can help others.

Is your work experience limited to the job and company, but not any descriptions?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER : For the listed positions, you will need a job description. You can skip the job description for older jobs that were created more than 15 years ago.

Is your work history filled with accomplishments?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER You should list 3-4 of your greatest accomplishments in each job description.

Have your Skills sections been updated to reflect current skills?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER This section should be up-to-date and reflect your skills over the past few years, and not just focus on skills that you don’t use anymore. I.e. Team Leader vs Team Player

How many suggestions have you received?

  1. 10+
  2. 8-10
  3. 5-7
  4. 3-5
  5. 1-2
  6. None

ANSWER These are highly influential and so it is important to have more. Find out how old they are. Many times, they are missing. Total goal 5-8

Do articles get posted?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Posting 1-2 times per week will dramatically increase your visibility in the LinkedIn Algorithm (how site runs). Answer any questions or comments you receive from your post.

Have you placed an ‘Open for Work” tag around your photo?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Although LinkedIn claims that this tag increases recruiter responses, many career coaches remain skeptical and do not recommend it. If you’re still employed, don’t use this tag. Your employer may stumble upon it.

Your resume is featured on your Profile.

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Not recommended and not safe. You want employers to contact you. If your resume is part of your profile, you should delete it.

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Google Ads V/S Facebook Ads: A Knowledge Between Two

Google Ads V/S Facebook Ads

There are many ways to determine where your media budget should be split between Facebook Ads V/S Google Ads. These are the things to consider and how to calculate them.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by businesses when they expand their paid media presence.

Where can I spend my advertising money?

Google search V/S Facebook ads

Another variation of this question is: Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which is better?

There is no “better” option when comparing them because they do things differently.

The more, the better Questions These are:

  • Which one is more affordable?
  • Which is better for my product landscape?
  • Which stages of the buyer journey should I be focusing on?

Hence, why is so much talk about these two topics time after time?

The platforms are the most popular internet platform, and they are both proven performers.

If you have to choose between two advertising channels, Facebook Ads and Google Ads (specifically their search ads product), which should you choose?

Let’s assess your situation.

Digital Advertising Cost Allocation & Buy Prices Between Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Get very clear about your numbers before you spend any money.

Know what you can afford to spend to win a customer. This is the most important thing you can do to save money. Any Platform without direction.

You can only afford $20 to acquire customers, but $10 to drive people to your site, so you need to convert half of your visits to make it profitable!

This math is not well-designed.

Look at your entire budget and start working backwards. Maximize your retargeting and then transfer the remaining funds to higher up the funnel.

This will ensure you get the highest return and allow you to reinvest in your customer journey.

Your Industry and Your Competition to Select Between Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Consider your industry first and then use Google’s Keyword Planner to determine your probable costs.

Certain industries and sub-industries are extremely expensive from both a cost per Click perspective and an ad budget standpoint.

Law-related keywords, for example, Technology Related keywords are Very expensive.

You might consider reconsidering if you’re looking for searches in this area and don’t have a huge budget.

Let’s suppose you have $100 per day in your budget but your average CPC for clicks is $30. It will be impossible to afford more than 3 clicks per day.

To find out which keywords, ads and landing pages work best for you, you will need to make hundreds of impressions (or hopefully thousands).

If you don’t have the resources to pay for everything, it will take you longer to reach your goals.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use Google Ads. However, it does suggest that you should expect Facebook ads to be an affordable option with powerful targeting capabilities across many industries.

Another option is to show ads only to users who have visited your site using the Remarketing lists for search ads feature of Google Ads.

Define Your Objective for Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

After you have determined the financial resources of your company and analyzed the market, it is time to think about what you want from your marketing strategy.

Facebook ads might be more cost-effective if your goal is to increase brand awareness or generate demand.

Google Ads may be a better option if your goal is to generate leads or sales

This scenario is where a user searches for the product or service your company offers. You will target people who have a higher intent to buy.

However, you will need to reevaluate your overall Google Ads and Facebook Ads spending. In many cases, I have seen Facebook Ads deliver lower cost per conversion (i.e. cost per lead).

It is important to determine the quality of your leads and what it costs per lead.

Google Ads may cost twice as much, but does it convert at a higher level?

To find the most favorable route, make sure you do the math.

Stage in the Buyer’s Journey to Choose Between Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

It is also important to understand where the buyer is at each stage of the buyer’s journey before you can decide which advertising channel to use. Both platforms may be a good fit but at different times.

Google Ads is the best way to get users to buy products or services right away.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach people with a need for your product/service, whether they’re looking to increase awareness or to influence their ongoing consideration.

This is how the two channels can work together to fuel your organization’s growth.

Product/Service Maturity and Overall Search Volume

Although this is a great place to start, I feel that many businesses don’t take it seriously enough.

Google search ads won’t give you much volume if your company has a new product/service.

Take Uber as an example. A few years back, the term “rideshare”, was not even a word. Therefore, no one ever searched for it. Lyft and Uber disrupted an industry people hadn’t even thought of.

They met a great need but weren’t something users looked for. There were only taxis and that was all.

Consider the pain points that your product addresses before you completely rule out Google Ads in this situation. You may find a few keywords that describe the problem and explain how it solves it.

This may not be enough for you to spend your budget.

Facebook Ads is a great place for you to begin if your Ola-like product solves a problem that people accept or don’t search for solutions to.

Instead of targeting users based on their intent, you can target them based on demographics and interests. This will allow you to introduce your offer to the right audience.

Demographic-Sensitive Product or Service

The next scenario is that if your service or product strongly correlates with life events and audiences, then Facebook is probably the better choice.

Facebook offers powerful targeting capabilities, such as the ability to target people based on life-changing events.

Google allows you to target specific life events but you can still target people who are searching for these terms.

Google Ads won’t work for you if it isn’t something that’s commonly searched for.

Facebook however, is the primary targeting tool, which allows you to reach more people in specific life situations.

Brand Recognition

Although not as important as other factors, they are worth noting and may be in some way related to the above.

Even if your company has made an effort to build brand awareness, a young company is more likely to fail in the search for a job.


This scenario will make your competitors more well-known and loyal.

Users will see more success in paid advertising from your competitor if they see your ad (a company they don’t recognize) than they see from yours.

Consider the market position of your company.

To build your brand’s reputation and recognize yourself through Facebook ads, and other social media channels, you can then move on to Google Ads to improve your chances of success.


You can see that there is no one-size-fits all answer to the question of whether Google Ads or Facebook Ads are better.

Take a step back and follow the steps below:

  • Find out how much you can afford to get a customer.
  • Take into account your industry to determine if it is a search-heavy one.
  • To find the CPC ranges that you will be using in Google Ads, do keyword research.
  • Consider how much your budget could go in different situations.
  • To find the perfect mix, test, test, and then test again!


Digital marketing in India trends you can’t ignore in 2020

Just like everything extraordinary and beyond understanding was considered out of reach and crazy artificial intelligence and digital marketing faced the same stigma. Well today, in the online era artificial intelligence and digital marketing are the wheels on which your business is ridding. It’s a neck-breaking pace and you need to keep up if you want to remain in the race.

2020 brought lessons with it and here is what we should learn in the fast-moving world where technology and consumer both change neck to neck.

Digital Marketing Trends in India

  1. Artificial knowledge is on the road to becoming new normal

Artificial Intelligence has not only taken on the simplest jobs but has made its way into the marketing world as well. AI is highly efficient, productive, and less time-consuming in analyzing a large amount of consumer data and predicts probable behavior and patterns, and take the required action. AI can also engage customers better

2. Chatbots

This highly stimulating technology will give you an experience of conversing with a human in real-time 24*7. Chatbots are interactive, informative, and gives site visitors instant responses. This removes the problem of waiting time. Chatbots are part of most of the business these days. They also give responses based on the customer’s previous engagements and visits.

3. Personalization of advertising

Personalized advertising makes you stand out and gets a positive response from consumers. Brands like Netflix and Amazon are good examples here. They recommend products solely in the interest of their customers.

4. Shopping through social media

This is a trend which consumers love. It’s easy, quick, and efficient. This is referred to as social commerce and is very effective in increasing sales. It presents your products at a place, customers are visiting out of their choice so they are more open towards buying it

5. Analyzing the consumer sentiment

This involves studying consumer’s sentiment towards a particular product or service generally on social media where consumers can share their views. This algorithm will dredge through your data for online responses.

6. Structured SEO

What? Did you thought or heard that SEO is dead? Ignore all these talks. SEO is like a shapeshifter. In 2020 structured data will dominate the search engine result. Structured data can give an SEO boost. Structured data is any data neatly organized which makes it easier for the search engine to categorize. Structure your data in columns, tables, boxes, etc.

It can also be used to create Rich Snippets, showing an image, review stats, and price.

7. Secondary Social media channels

Social media has a reach that cannot be evaluated at hand or precise. So making attendance at alternative social sites will help in gaining an audience in the long run.

8. Influencer marketing

This is a very effective strategy to gain a primary audience. The social media celebrities or other leaders which relate to your brands can bring audience and attention to your brand by word of mouth advertising. It’s authentic as the niche following of these influencers, trusts their word.

9. Advertising programmatically

AI algorithms increase the efficiency of resources and optimize online advertising campaigns. AI automates your ad buying, placing bid which increases conversions, and customer acquisition decreases. 82.6% of display ads will be automated in the coming year.

10. Visual search

Visual search enhances consumer experience to a new level. It’s easier, precise, and interactive, and highly efficient. Major brands like Google have this tool and it shows. Pinterest is the best example of using this tool it continuously increases its functionality by including QR code, a fully automated shop the look, barcodes, etc.

Marketers can get an edge in competition by using visual search.

11. Interactive Emails

Yes, emails are still a reliable source of advertising. Instead of leaving this old school method revamp it. Make your emails more interactive, personalized, rather than batch-and-blast emails.

12. Video ad engagement

A video ad strategy with an aim in mind can increase your audience. Create the campaign according to your audience and present your brand image in light of what warms up the audience towards you. Give a message with which the audience can relate to.

13. Voice search

Data speaks about the effect of voice search-

  • 50% of searches in 2020 are through voice search
  • 62% of people use smart speakers in their daily routines

Voice search gives relevant information through audio content. With time smart speakers have enhanced their performances and utility.

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How Artificial intelligence can transform digital marketing in India

Artificial intelligence can be referred to an advanced technology stimulated to think, act, and behave like humans.

Artificial Intelligence, one evolving phenomenon in digital marketing. AI has opened door to enormous options of digital marketing tactics incorporated with the newest technologies of machine learning to save resources and time.

Artificial intelligence has incorporated itself and affected almost all sectors of human life like industrial production, health sector, science, etc. Artificial intelligence has proven its worth in difficult times of pandemic apart from the data analysis, handling enormous data produced daily, automation tasks, etc.

So how does artificial intelligence has raised the bar of digital marketing? Has it benefited the digital marketing industry? Come, let’s find out.

What is artificial marketing?

With time, evolution in data sciences, and analytic solutions have given marketers the ability to anticipate their customer’s next move and improve the customer journey, artificial intelligence does this much more efficiently and quickly.

Today marketers are relying on artificial intelligence for plenty of efforts and if you were postponing your share of it, we have listed, the very reasons why you should start using it and how it affects digital marketing.

  1. Artificial intelligence easily adapts and incorporates in marketing strategies.

Though reluctant at first, marketers have tentatively but started applying artificial intelligence to their marketing moves especially after witnessing big brands using artificial intelligence in their digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence shows products to customers most relevant to their searches and reviews which enhances their experience and increases sales.

2. Artificial intelligence enhances PPC advertising

Artificial intelligence helps in discovering new advertising channels that are not the most commonly used by other competitive brands. AI optimizes targeted advertising platforms.

AI serves in autonomous media buying which involves minimal human input and AI analyzes, manages, and optimizes your paid ad campaign.

3. Artificial Intelligence creates more personalized messaging service for customers

It has always been a struggle for marketers to determine where to place the ads and what individual content to send. AI helps the organization in message tracking and increases analytic capabilities to send personal and customized messages to users according to their preferences at the right time and right place.

4. Artificial intelligence predicts customer behavior more efficiently and gives insights

All that time required to crunch a large amount of data and match customer’s behavior can be reduced by AI and more efficiently. AI creates personalized audience persona based on their geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral sources, past communications, purchase behavior, psychological factors.

AI algorithms identify-

  • Clearly which customer should be included and excluded from which ad campaign.
  • Match customers to the products most likely to use.
  • Better manage the limited stock commodities and customers who tend to return items.

    5. Artificial Intelligence promotes an enhanced chatbot experience

For those not familiar with the name, the chatbot is an AI software tool. It stimulates a human conversation with the customer and helps them find what they are looking for. It reduces the resources, time, and money required in customer support all the while generating more leads. The chatbot works on different platforms and different customers simultaneously which removes the waiting time issue. Chatbots are just not for service interaction but can also be used for quizzes to predict and learn about customer’s preferences.

6. Artificial Intelligence curates Smart email content for customers

Personalized content is much more effective than impersonalized. It’s no news but AI does it for you much more efficiently in less time can be new for you. Your team after hours of compiling and scheduling won’t be able to send personalized emails to every single customer. AI algorithms identify hyper-contextual content to create the one-on-one email content.

AI create these emails based on-

  • Previous website interactions
  • Wish lists
  • Previous brand interactions emails
  • Popular content at the time
  • interest of similar visitor

    7. Artificial Intelligence churn predictions and increases smart customer engagement

AI algorithms identify disengaged segments through predictive models, tests, and data on real customers and take actions accordingly. E.g. quick-churn customers are difficult to engage and late-churn customers are easy to re-engage so they are incentivised through relevant offers, push notifications, emails, etc. churn predictions are different for every company and brand so it needs to be built from the ground focusing on your company data.

8. Artificial Intelligence enhances the performance of your team for better purposes

We have established the fact that AI does tasks like data analysis much faster and with more efficacy. So free your human resources of mundane repetitive tasks and put them to better use so that they can build some of the best marketing strategies for better campaigns, and performance.


Artificial Intelligence is one such phenomenon that cannot be separated from digital marketing in the near future. So, it is the best time that the newbie digital marketers and marketing strategists in the companies adapt to this evolving trend of AI and ace their marketing game. It is not just to benefit your marketing growth but machine learning would also help you in branding your business in the era of technological evolution.

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Does a Company Actually Need an ERP System?

What is an ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning

In the simplest words, ERP is the integration of core processes of a company like HR, supply chain, services, procurement, management, finance, customer management, etc.

But is it this simple as it is written? No.

Now ERP systems use technologies like AI to attain visibility, efficiency, intelligence across every aspect of a business.

EPR helps in predictive analytics, automating processes, support real-time decision making, and artificial intelligence.

Every business has its own objectives, short term goals, long term goals, targets, aims, requirements, and also some processes to achieve those aims. But today’s working fashion requires technologies with functions that not only make the processes easier but makes it more inclusive with business people.

When does a company need an ERP system?

Yes. It’s a matter of when more than why or if. With the growth of the company its database and sources also grow. And it becomes quite difficult and costly to manage all that information on multiple platforms and leads to mismanagement.

So, how to identify that your business is in need of an ERP system?

Look for the following signs.

  • Lack of proper communication– lack of communication between processes that are co-dependent will lead to unwanted surpluses and shortages. Such inefficiencies can result in production derail, throe off of timelines, and can disrupt the company’s baseline.
  • The major part of the time is consumed by paperwork.
  • You have outgrown the current software your company is using. – the entry-level software can only hold a limited amount of data that you feel the need for a more robust system for heavy data processing.
  • Your existing process is proving inefficient– Losing track of documents while switching between apps or trouble in communication between apps are some of the main reasons to switch to ERP.
  • Too much expenditure on software integration– Without an ERP it is highly possible that your company is running various software integrations to manage data and interdepartmental exchange of data. But it is not a cheap process. It takes a lot of work , formalities, and training to get so many applications to work in a synchronized manner.
  • You are struggling to meet customer demands– Difficulty in keeping track of inventory, retrieving customer financial information, producing reports, etc. can be managed by ERP.

Why use an ERP?

  1. Automation of processes

It helps companies in the actual process of automation, manages tasks so employees can focus on more logical and critical points.

It boosts productivity and reduces expenses on other operational costs. It gives a push to workflow execution and communication.

  1. Financial Management

What can be a better way to grow your business than tracking the finances flow? And this can be totally achieved by having a good ERP system for an organization that helps in all the finance works like accounting requirements, budgeting, expenses dealing, looking at collections, managing assets, overseeing cash flow, and recording other transactions. An ERP System is the one that keeps your business’s financial information secure and complaint.

We at Adqnix Techlab Pvt. Ltd. master at making the best ERP Systems that are sturdily inclined to manage your company’s financial data and keep it safe especially today, in the times of data breaches.

  1. Increases efficiency

Gives operational accuracy, reduces manual error induced work. Saves time and money. Automation of critical activities increases the business processes efficiency. Different departments work in synch with the help of ERP.

  1. Communication is smooth and efficient

Communication, either between internal business resources or interaction of suppliers and customers is important and needs to be clean and easy. All this is enhanced by ERP.

ERP handles real-time communication and responds very well with coordination.

  1. Project Management

An ERP system helps the business to get a real-time and accurate overview of the product lifecycle regarding the production, delivery, quotations issues, invoicing, and till collection, everything can be overviewed using a good ERP System. This helps businesses in having a clearer view of their supply chain as well as an eye on their day-to-day production.

Not just that, an ERP System also offers businesses to manage three multiple projects at a time. An organization can monitor the process and progress of multiple projects running at the same time using ERP and have an idea about at what stage a particular project is and what are the future decisions that can be taken for the growth of projects.

  1. Information management

Organizations have information and data all across the inter departments which if are not synched can cause a lot of trouble for not only employees but customers. It can lead to chaos between customers and companies because the company is not having organized information to satisfy customers. ERP makes the process of transactions, accounting, finances faster, frictionless and accurate.

Benefits of ERP System for an organization

The benefits of ERP are infinite for an organization. But to boiling down all of them into 2 key elements can be

  • ERP helps in enhancing business efficiency
  • ERP also helps in making an efficient business decision
  • ERP software can store large amounts of data. All the operations like accounting, HR, CRM, etc can be easily managed by ERP.
  • ERP increases productivity by streamlining and automating core business processes.
  • ERP gains fast answers, and eliminate information silos.
  • Transparency is the base of any business and ERP helps you in knowing about what operations are going on in each department. Then it becomes quite easy to do things more efficiently.
  • ERP accelerates reporting by fast-tracking the financial reports and share insights in real-time.
  • It increases business visibility and gives control and compliance.
  • Simplifies the database and gives every employee an easier way to work.
  • Give access to real-time data to identify and solve issues.
  • ERP integrates functions seamlessly and disparate operations for the central workspace.
  • Reduces the risk of errors in data entry as information is only stored once.
  • ERP reduces training costs, expenses, and user error.
  • ERP consolidates data from CRM, management, shipping, and other departments into a single easy to navigate dashboard.
  • EPR performs an audit on your current processing system to look for improvement in workflow.


ERP  is definitely vital of the need for growing business and Adqnix Techlab can help you to invest in the right ERP for your company according to your requirements and future needs.

.Net Core Best Practices For Developing a Web Store

.NET is an open-source, free, cross-platform that is developed by Microsoft and it can be extensively used for developing many applications, e-commerce stores, web apps, mobile apps, IoT solutions, and desktop apps. With .NET, many languages, libraries, and multiple editors can be used to create different apps.

Being an open-source platform, .NET adds an advantage over other walled-in options. .NET works on Windows, Linux, and Mac and provides speedy performance that works the best for e-comm websites.

If you are a .NET developer and looking for the best practices to use for developing a web store, do not worry, you have landed on the appropriate article. This article would help you in enchaining your .NET Skills so that your code becomes more organized.

Best .NET Practices for developing a web store


  • Project Organization

Split the application into smaller projects. It is a very effective way of organizing projects. It also separates the concerns of the project. Try to separate the logics of entities, contracts, logging messages, email messages, database access and they should all be in separate .NET Core Class Library project.

Every small task in the application should contain numerous folders to organize the business logic better.

  • Framework Version should be updated consequently

No matter an app on phone, or operating systems or app framework, UPDATING THE FRAMEWORK VERSION is one of the priorities that a .NET developer should keep in mind. Framework new versions are making improvements for end-user and developers.

For end-user, it may decrease the memory footprint or page-load time. It feels snappier, improves user experience, and also aids in the fast loading of the application.

New PIs or integrations are appreciated by developers. They allow the developer to maintain velocity and cleans codebase. That means more work is done in the budget.

It will not always be a sleek new user interaction or feature but it will keep the overall development cost down.

So think about it.

  • Collection of Cache

Web server gets a lot of requests from clients and proxy which overloads the webserver with many requests. So it is quite wise to cache. It reduces the work of creating a response on the web server platforms.

Caching enables storing data in memory for rapid access and when data is again accessed, applications get the data from the cache rather than from the original source. Caching also makes data available in the case data source is unavailable. This increases performance and scalability.

Some caching techniques:

In-memory caching

Disturbed cache

Cache tag helper

Distributed cache tag helper

  • Entity Framework for relational database

When writing a new ASP.NET core application involving relational data then the recommended way to access its data in Entity Framework Core (EF Core). EF core enables .NET developers to persists objects back and forth from a data source.


  • Minimize the interaction with the data source

Data access time is reduced if we cache appropriately. And this overall reduces the time server takes to process to retrieve data calls. The time consumed in the process of accessing the data is reduced and becomes smooth.

  • Blocking calls should be avoided

.NET Core apps are designed to process many requests simultaneously. Blocking asynchronous calls can cause performance problems in ASP.NET Core apps. Synchronous blocking of calls can lead to Thread Pool Starvation and affect response time.

Dos-    Turn hot code paths to asynchronous.

Call data access, long-run operations, and I/O APIs asynchronously if available. Controller, razor page actions should be made asynchronous.

  • Optimization of code paths

To Increase the quality of user experience optimize frequently used code paths.  It is a simple idea: a commonly used method has two execution paths- one is very simple and common, the other one is longer to execute with more steps but does not happen that often.

But there is no proof that inlining big methods improve performance.

  • Completion of lengthy tasks outside of HTTP requests

Web store applications are common to be stateless, and running long requests might be problematic. Long-running tasks tie up valuable Web server resources.

A polling mechanism and event manager class can be used to interchange messages between Web application and server.

This issue of long-running requests can make you think that it is not a big deal as Web Servers are multi-threaded. But it still can cause issues because of the resources involved in the Web server. Hence you can set up a process that requests the response of long tasks outside the HTTP response.

  • Bundling and Minifying Client Assets

These two are two different performance optimization techniques but are used together, known as bundling and minification improve performance. These two reduce the number of server requests and the size of the requested static assets.

By combining multiple files into single file bundling reduces the number of server requests necessary for rendering a web asset like a web page.  Individual bundles can be created especially for Javascript, CSS, etc. This improves the first load page performance.

Minification removes unnecessary characters from code without changing the functionality which results in a very significant size reduction like in the case of javascript files and CSS Images.

  • Optimizing data access

App performance can be improved by optimizing the data access logic. Most applications first fetch data, process it, and then display it. It can be more time consuming for the application.

  • Call data access APIs asynchronously.
  • Data that is not required immediately should not be acquired in advance.
  • Filter and aggregate LINQ queries can be used. So filtering is performed by the database.
  • Asynchronous querying and saving

It avoids blocking a thread during the execution of the query in the database. It is important for quick and responsive client applications.

Asynch Saving avoids a thread block while the database is being changed.

  • Reducing responses or response compression

It is a technique used for file compression and decompression for fast network transfer. It gives a smooth experience to the end-user. In ASP.Net core, response compression is available as a middleware component.

Which is the Best Local SEO Service Provider in India?

SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies in present times, no doubts over that. But in this digital sea, there are lots of fishes who all claim to be the best. So how will you decide which one to choose? SEO is a survival kit that is important for you to have in this cutting edge competitive world. It’s a NEED to stay ahead of your competitors.

So here we are talking about a local SEO service best for you, it is likely possible that a very much popular service provider might just not work for you. It is simply about what you are trying to gain from the SEO service provider for your brand.

When you say local service provider it necessarily does not mean an SEO company from your city. It does not matter as SEO services are globally provided. What matters is that your SEO service understands what you are asking for. And yes a native SEO service provider might better understand the demands of your brand and how to take it to the audience in a more approachable way.

Trying to find the best Local SEO Service provider can be really tricky. If you invest, you should be literally careful before finalizing the SEO Provider because they would be the ones who present your business image on the digital platform. Be wise before you make any investment.

So let’s see what you should look for to find the best local SEO service provider in India

  • Professionalism

The key to getting the most out of SEO services is that your SEO service provider understands not only the semantics of the internet but pays attention to what you want and then offer you the best-assembled SEO services. To find a dedicated firm and stick to it. It would also save you the hassle of familiarizing and explaining your needs to new provider every time.

Your SEO service provider should actively and uniformly provide new and creative input to escalate your overall digital marketing.

  • Experience

The curriculum of digital marketing is not stagnant. Yes; but a keen eye and gist for digital marketing can only be developed with experience. It is important you choose a firm with experience in specialized areas related to your brand.

A firm with a good client base and success story proves that they know what to do and how to do it. An experienced firm will be familiar with the dynamics of the market and would be prepared to handle extreme market affecting situations like the current COVID-19.

  • Good reputation

You hire SEO services by your money to promote your brand so make sure it is invested in the right place. Take the word of previous or current clients.  A good service provider will be applauded and recommended. Do good research, check online, consult reviewers, and look for word of trust from respected and reliable sources.  A good reputation will precede the bearer miles away.

Adqnix Techlab Pvt. Ltd. proudly showcases its client’s reviews and feedback on their website.

  • Integrity

SEO service involves sharing of classified and important information regarding your business and you would want someone trusted and morally conscious enough. Doing business together is not just mutual benefit. It is also the trust that a party put into others with a belief to be respected and be professional.

This should also be considered regarding your SEO approaches. A good SEO service provider uses strategies and approaches that are ethical and in accordance with rules and regulations of search engines. ‘White hat’ techniques are followed by trusted SEO service firms.

  • Honest

Think of going to a doctor and not being informed about the disease. Fatal Right?

An SEO service provider has to be honest with you. No wrapped up facts or misleading conclusions will suffice. Dishonesty regarding promises, results, response, work, legality, etc. is destructive for both your business and the firm itself. It is a waste of time, energy, and effort from both parties.

An honest local SEO Service Provider company would listen to your business requirements, would analyze them, and then present you with a blueprint of how your marketing strategies would work. How much time it would take to rank your business in your marketing industry. They should be honest about their work and should present monthly reports of what work has been done in account of your SEO.

Adqnix Techlab has provided honest feedback and true reports to clients.

  • Realistic

The promises of taking you to top quickly are good to listen but not beneficial. To achieve those goals it requires hard work, effort, and time. So a good firm will give you honest and achievable goals with a well-thought strategy. A good firm knows that you are not alone fighting for that spot. But it’s possible, with capital, effort and time. A good firm will give you an honest commitment.

  • Flexible and adaptable

Demand changes, perspective changes, needs change, supply changes and so does changes the business. So the same old strategies won’t work for long and for everyone. With time a good SEO service provider not only improves but also changes their set ways and strategies.

A smart SEO service provider will also be flexible in adapting the new trends according to the audience interface and interest. An SEO service provider will always be open to try and venture in new fields and use various means to provide the best results to their clients. One who does not adapt goes extinct so make sure to hire the company that has fresh ideas and perspective in them. In dire situations, new and quick strategies should be adapted. Like the global lockdown and economy downfall due to pandemic.

  • A versatile and hardworking team

The digital world is volatile and keeps changing trends. A good SEO service requires everything from marketers, content creators, illustrators, link builders, designers, copywriters, etc.  It is a talented team that collaboratively produces effective SEO tactics for you.

A hardworking team will continuously try to better their performance by training and technological aid. A team should also be accountable for providing their best to you.

At Adqnix Techlab, we understand the Indian market with our years of experience in providing SEO services to our clients. We have a dedicated team that studies market dynamics and draft the best marketing strategies to provide the best results to their clients.

6 Reasons to OPT in a Digital Marketing Course

Everything is getting online and every business is rushing towards online platforms to establish their business as a brand image. All the businesses whether startup or large-scaled, require marketing strategies that can take their business to heights. Well-versed Digital Marketing strategies would help businesses in gaining customers and carve a strong foothold in their business niche.

We cannot deny the fact that the future belongs to digital marketers. The field of digital marketing is on high rise and there can be no better reason to choose digital marketing as your career.

Here are some other reasons why you should opt for a digital marketing course to start your career.

Reasons to Opt for a Digital Marketing Course


  1. Promising Growth Prospects

Digital marketing will continue to be in trend and so will the demand of digital marketers.

Why? Because almost everything and anything is now online. The digital economy is growing much faster than the offline economy.

For this growing virtual and online world marketers who are well versed in digital marketing will be high in demand. Companies and brands know the role of the internet and digital market in the business. And so, there will be a requirement of skilled. trained and enthusiastic digital marketers.

Digital marketing affects a large audience, and generate more results than any other means of marketing.

Who would not want a digital marketer who knows how to take the business online, run ad campaigns, and develop content strategies?

But a professionally trained and skilled digital marketer will be preferred above others. So, investing your time in a digital marketing course will definitely benefit you in your career.

  1. Start a Career Just After Learning

A doctor would require a medical degree a minimum couple of years to officially start a career, a pilot would need training at aviation schools and definite hours of flying experience, etc.

But a digital marketer requires just learning and practicing the essential digital marketing skills to start a career, rest you can learn along the way.

You can launch your career just after or even during the course.

As digital marketer opportunities for you will be endless.

You definitely don’t require a degree from a college or years of training.

It’s an easy road to enter this career. Even before taking a place at a company, you can start taking freelancing projects and add notches to your portfolio.

Another important benefit is there is nothing permanent in this field. Trends and tactics keep on changing according to the audience and the global environment. So you develop your experience and knowledge by starting to work. This is a very diverse field so meeting and working with different people is a part of it and you get to learn from others.

  1. There are far less Digital Marketers Supplied than We Need

According to survey reports, there will be 150,000 jobs for digital marketing in the USA alone. In India, it’s an industry of $68 billion and is growing at 40%. But the gap is not nearly half-filled. The supply of skilled and trained digital marketers is not being fulfilled.

So, not only you will have job options and opportunities but being trained formally will increase your chances from others. There is a chance of career progression if treaded smartly.

  1. You Get Structured Learning and Knowledge of All Trending Technologies

In a recognized certification program, learning is constructed in order and all the major & minor skills and tools are covered. You learn every topic like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and skills in an organized manner that benefits and compliments each other. Logically it is much more productive and efficient to learn this way.

This structured learning becomes more important due to the volatile dynamics of this industry. Learning on your own will give you the information in bits and not certain how all the knowledge co-relates. It is important for a digital marketer to know how to use all the skills in the most beneficial way. How one skill can increase the potency of a strategy?

You will gain all this professional knowledge in a certification course.

It increases not only your productivity but also gives you a firm grip over the digital marketing skills.

  1. A Course Will Validate Your Skills

Being good enough is important but just saying so will not be enough for your employer to hire you. So, how will you tackle this challenge of proving yourself apt for a digital marketing role?

Even experience in digital marketing will take you so far and it does not necessarily highlight all your skills. Only experience will also not confirm that you will cover a 360-degree range of skills and you will excel at your job.

So, now when digital marketing is officially known as a career, employers are looking for credentials.

A recognized certification in digital marketing will prove that you are formally trained. It is evidence for your claims of being a good digital marketer. Certification is an indication of your training and qualification. It indicates that you have earned the certification by learning and proving the skills.

Certification in digital marketing will increase the employer’s confidence in you and your chances to get hired.

  1. It is a Diverse Field Which Appreciates Your Diverse Talents

Digital marketing is a product of various talents, skills, and minds coming together. It is not just a result of a single idea, strategy, or tool. It is a collective effort of many aspects coming together.

Digital marketing does not just require analytical or technical knowledge, it also requires creative input. It goes hand in hand. Knowledge of audience behavior and how to present a strategy on a particular platform is equally important.

A good SEO analyst requires both technical knowledge and emotional potency to decide on the right keywords and digital marketing strategies to relate with the target audience.

It is a creative and technical field so bring along what you have and learn the rest.

So, if you are good at something and not so good at others do not fret. There is a place for everyone who possesses the skill of a good digital marketer. There is always scope to learn as well.

Google May 2020 Core Update, The Highest Algo Update Ever Seen On The Internet

Google recently launched its May 2020 update. It was a significant update and has affected many ongoing trends on the internet. This update changed the rankings of many popular websites. Many web experts have claimed a massive loss in organic traffic after the release of the update.

Google announced a major update to its current algorithm. This update is known as the “CORE” update because there are huge changes made to the algorithm which means many of the websites would be affected by the changes.

Go and check, how has your website traffic being affected?

Don’t think that nothing has changed to your website traffic. Hurry up and check if your ranking has reduced or increased. You should also go and login to your Google Analytics account to see whether your traffic has increased or reduced.

The reviews of this update are mainly negative due to the problems it contains. Sources also claim that Google can even rollback this update.

Check which industries are hugely impacted?

Semrush sensor-1

There are a few industries that have shown immense changes in their rankings after the changes have made to the algorithm. These industries are travel, health, real estate, people, society, pets & animals, and foods & drinks. They have seen the biggest fluctuation in their website rankings.

Looking at a Few Trends:

Semrush sensor-2

  • 127 of the total websites with thin word count saw a decline in website traffic by a minimum of 10%. This accounts for a whopping 31.75% of the total websites with thin word count. Fixing your thin word count would also help you stay strong during this latest core update to the algorithm. Thin word count means web pages with less number of word counts. There are many websites on the internet having to think word count for at least one page of their site. And can you imagine these sites have also got badly affected by the algorithm changes?
  • This doesn’t mean that you keep on adding words when a few hundred words and images are enough to answer user’s questions. But you need to write in-depth answers to the topics that need extra effort.
  • Websites that update their content on a regular basis saw the least decline in traffic after the latest update to the algorithm. Only 5.92% of the total websites that update their content regularly saw a decline in their traffic which is just 38 websites in total.

187 of the websites saw an increase in website traffic by at least 10%. So updating the content of the website on a regular basis would help you stay ahead of your competition. Because Google wants to be the most efficient for its searchers and if you present the best of knowledge and content to the users, you are already leading the race!

Looking at the SERPs affected

This update also affected the occurrence of SERP features which we have discussed below. You should use these features to regain your traffic back. By working on these features, you can rank your website organically.

SERP Features Occurrence

The results that appear on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) part from traditional organic results are known as SERP features. The latest Google May 2020 Update has made a considerable difference in the occurrence of various SERP features on the search page in the top 20 results.

The changes are as follows-

  • Featured Snippet– When you ask any question in Google, and the result you see in an outlined box is featured snippet. The featured snippets are used by Google to answer specific questions. The Click Through Rate (CTR) of featured snippets is very high because of their ranking in SERP.
  • Changes in Featured Snippet Occurrence after update- The occurrence of featured snippet after the May 2020 update has decreased by -0.05% and the appearance is 8.45%. This hit mainly affected the FAQ and websites that deal with a detailed article on a particular topic.
  • Local Pack- Whenever you search on Google something like “Restaurant nearby” or “Doctor near me”, a map appears on the SERP with a pin locating the thing you need. It usually contains three most suitable locations to your search results which are known as a local pack.
  • Changes in Local Pack occurrence after update- Before the update, this SERP feature used to dominate the search results and helped a lot of local businesses to get noticed. But after the major update, its occurrence has decreased by 0.20% and is now only 18.24%.
  • Shopping Results- Google shows organic as well as sponsored shopping results on the top of the SERP. These redirects you to the vendor website, helping you to find the product quickly. It is similar to AdWords.
  • Changes in Shopping Results occurrence after update- This is one of the few features that have increased occurrence after the update. The occurrence percentage has increased by 0.61% and is now 3.19%. Shopping Results Feature has led to an increase in E-commerce activities.
  • Knowledge Panel– These cards are a combination of data taken from various trustworthy sources like WikiData and data extracted from Google Index. It appears whenever you search a particular noun.
  • Changes in Knowledge Panel occurrence after update- These features appear on the right-hand side of organic results. After the update, its appearance is decreased by -0.24% and is now 27.33%. This will help organic search results to gain traffic.
  • Top Stories- It is also known as News Box and covers half of the SERP. It contains 3 top articles from the news related to the topic with publisher’s names and dates.
  • Changes in Top Storie’s occurrence after update- The appearance of top stories have been hit severely after the update and has fallen by -1.33%. The current percentage of occurrence is only 5.23%. This has led to a considerable impact on the news sector. And a huge decrease is reported in the traffic of many news websites.
  • Instant Answers- This feature can be seen on the SERP whenever you ask any question to Google to which it can give specific answers. For example, “weather today” or “date”.
  • Changes in Instant Answers occurrence after update- There is no significant change in the occurrence of this feature. And it also does not affect a vast amount of organic results.
  • Top Ads- Adwords that show on top of the SERP is known as top ads. These ads contain a colored ad label to distinguish it from organic search results. These ads affect the CTR of organic search results due to which their traffic is decreased.
  • Changes in Top Ads occurrence after update- The appearance of ads has taken a massive dip after the may 2020 update. Its percentage is now only 13.42% after a significant decrease in -2.69%. The traffic of organic results has increased.
  • Bottom Ads- The only difference between the top and bottom ads on SERP is their position. These ads are placed below the organic search results according to their significance.
  • Changes in Bottom Ads occurrence after update- The highest which was recorded in the occurrence of any feature is the bottom ads. The bottom ads now consist of 4.33% SERP after an increase of 2.44%.
  • Carousel- The images displayed in the SERP as in a horizontal scrollable manner form the Carousel feature. The images shown here are from Google Images search. The carousel can appear at any position on the SERP.
  • Changes in Carousel occurrence after update- The carousel can help in generating traffic to the websites because there are chances that the user can redirect to the website after seeing the image. This feature has seen a decrease of -0.25% and now holds a place in 2.22% SERPs.
  • Video Snippets- Video results that show up on Google SERP are mainly from Youtube. To enhance this feature, Google cut-shorts the important timestamps according to the query keyword.
  • Changes in Video Snippets occurrence after update- The chances of getting video snippets in search results are less, but after the update, it has increased by +0.33%. These videos help YouTubers to gain views directly from SERP.
  • People also ask- This is a common and handy section on the Google search results. Google generates questions through machine learning technologies that are related to your search query. And each question under people who ask opens as a featured snippet.
  • Changes in People Also Ask occurrence after update- This feature helps many websites to gain traffic using featured snippets as answers. After the new update, it can be seen in 41.35% SERPs, which has decreased by -0.23%.
  • Site Links- Whenever you search for a specific website such as Gmail, you get extra links to browse various pages of the website. It also acts as an extra functionality of a previously declared feature, i.e., Featured Snippets. This feature enhances usual snippets or search results by adding additional useful links on SERP.
  • Changes in Site Links occurrence after update- The site links appear in 69.70% of search results with a decrease of -0.14% after the update. The site links help in getting CTR from the SERP.
  • Images– It is slightly different from the carousel feature. The image pack occurs when Google feels that visual content will help to serve your query better. It appears as a row of images related to your search in an organic manner.
  • Changes in Images occurrence after update- From the last update, the occurrence of images has increased significantly in the SERP by a percentage of +0.15%. Now, these images occur in 60.48% search results.
  • Tweet– Google started showing tweets directly in the SERP from 2015. These results are well mixed with the organic results.
  • Changes in Tweet occurrence after update- The tweets apart from other features drive traffic to only one platform that is Twitter. But now the occurrence of a tweet is only 5.86% after a decrease of -0.26%.
  • Reviews– Google shows review ratings and stars below some websites if you specifically search for some products or recipes on Google. It is shown below the URL of the website. The results with stars get higher CTR in SERP.
  • Changes in Reviews occurrence after update- The conditions of Google showing reviews differ by various unknown factors. But it is very beneficial from product reviewing and tutorial websites. With an increase of +0.09%, the reviews appear in 49.38% SERPs.
  • Featured Video- These videos appear on the SERP with a thumbnail and are usually from YouTube. As images in the search results, these featured videos help you to resolve your query with visual content.
  • Changes in Featured Video occurrence after update- This helps your content to outshine and makes it more appealing to the user and hence increased CTR. After the update featured video appears in 6.59% SERP.

Your Guide to Paid Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put us all in a dilemma, regarding the marketing strategies. One marketing strategy you might be having the most concern about is paid marketing. From the past, major global events have always affected PPC and COVID-19 will not be an exception.

You are not the only one to be thinking about the pros and cons of paid marketing during present times. And well it has both pros and cons.

How paid marketing is affected in the COVID period?

With the effects of a pandemic on the economy and expenditure habits of people, it is difficult to decide for you to continue or not with pay per click marketing.

A decrease in physical customers in only a short period of time is not alarming. And so, everyone is headed towards virtual platforms.

The new directives regarding COVID-19 have made people change and adapt, so that is what as advertiser you should do too. Adapt according to the needs and pattern of online engagement of people.

During this pandemic, the maximum number of people are spending their time online. This seems a good opportunity for online marketing but not all who are online might be in a position to spend as much as they could before.

Your business and services might or might not be in the demand currently regarding the COVID-19. So what will you do? Let us find the answer.

A lot of brands are seen to be pulling back on their paid marketing. But how beneficial will it be if, after the pandemic, your business may have been forgotten?

The best way is to run paid ads. Many of the businesses can adapt the paid ads strategy and run ads on platforms like

  • Google Ads
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

3 steps to follow to improve your paid marketing strategies

Everyone is practicing social distancing but that doesn’t mean they are not active on social platforms. You can easily run your ads on social platforms and get a huge chunk of traffic on your website. If you are planning to run ad campaigns for your business, it’s essential to take a look at the keywords you are going to use. Also do not forget to check the ad-copy carefully before finalizing. Follow these 3 steps to improve your paid marketing strategy during COVID.

Also, Read Top 11 Paid Advertising Techniques You May Wanna Use in 2020

  1. Examining your keywords-

Examining the righteous keywords is the best gift you can give to your marketing strategy. Before you examine your keywords, know how your customers are being affected in the Covid-19 pandemic. Your website may not be equipped with the valuable information your customers might be searching for. Look at your search bar queries to know the information your users are looking at your platform.

You might be surprised by your research and find that there is another niche related keyword for your business which you have no idea about!

You can also look forward to many keyword opportunities within your business premises on topics like:

  • Work from home services
  • Health service
  • Streaming services
  • Communication tools

Keyword research can be problematic sometimes. You can use many keyword research tools to find the most suited keywords for your paid campaigns or you can also let us know. We are a leading digital marketing company that provides the best digital marketing strategies for every business. Adqnix Techlab Pvt. Ltd. can help you find the best keywords and also report on how these keywords are working for your paid campaigns.

  1. Work on your valuable statements

Many entrepreneurs have updated their valuable proportions to change the way they are serving their customers. You can also apply this strategy to your paid marketing campaign. Businesses can add appeals to their ads and can motivate their users to click with relevant statements. For example, it can be anything either related to providing discounts, free shipping, or home delivery options. Just make sure that you are not using anything to provoke anxiety or fear during this time of crisis.

  1. Study negative keywords –

Though it is necessary to work on finding the most suited keywords for your business it is also important to know the negative keywords that are showing your ads for the search terms you don’t find worthy for your business.

You can use the negative keywords for the terms that you are not offering during this time like in-person services that your business isn’t offering can be set to negative keywords. This decreases the flow of money on wasted clicks and keeps your ads more trustworthy. This helps in increasing the quality of your keywords.

You can also stop where you feel so. For example, You might not want your paid ad to be shown next to some COVID-19 related content.

However, in a survey, it is found that many people have limited their brand visibility near COVID-19 sensitive content. This can be achieved with negative keywords.

So based on your research and what you wish to sell in this period, you can limit your paid ads and save a huge chunk of your money.

How to get back in the Paid Marketing game?

Out of sight of out of mind!  They say.

It would be better to keep your paid ads running with adjusting your budget rather than killing the program completely.

You should consider moving away from conversion-focused marketing to brand marketing. Focus on finding and adjusting according to the needs of your target audience.

See how your business is portrayed to your customers. Make things easy for customers while aligning your brand with recognition.

It will also be difficult for you to know the search behavior which is changing abruptly due to COVID-19. So, adjust your online presence accordingly.

Increased internet usage does not necessarily ensure an increase in organic traffic. Paid marketing will give you genuine non-organic traffic. Don’t let the statistics dampen your spirits. Pay-per-click will give you searchers who are actively seeking your business out.

So, by all means, market your business just not only as a business owner but also as a member of the pandemic induced community.

You might not have an idea that you are using keywords that do not resonate with your customers’ demands.