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6 Reasons to OPT in a Digital Marketing Course

Everything is getting online and every business is rushing towards online platforms to establish their business as a brand image. All the businesses whether startup or large-scaled, require marketing strategies that can take their business to heights. Well-versed Digital Marketing strategies would help businesses in gaining customers and carve a strong foothold in their business niche.

We cannot deny the fact that the future belongs to digital marketers. The field of digital marketing is on high rise and there can be no better reason to choose digital marketing as your career.

Here are some other reasons why you should opt for a digital marketing course to start your career.

Reasons to Opt for a Digital Marketing Course


  1. Promising Growth Prospects

Digital marketing will continue to be in trend and so will the demand of digital marketers.

Why? Because almost everything and anything is now online. The digital economy is growing much faster than the offline economy.

For this growing virtual and online world marketers who are well versed in digital marketing will be high in demand. Companies and brands know the role of the internet and digital market in the business. And so, there will be a requirement of skilled. trained and enthusiastic digital marketers.

Digital marketing affects a large audience, and generate more results than any other means of marketing.

Who would not want a digital marketer who knows how to take the business online, run ad campaigns, and develop content strategies?

But a professionally trained and skilled digital marketer will be preferred above others. So, investing your time in a digital marketing course will definitely benefit you in your career.

  1. Start a Career Just After Learning

A doctor would require a medical degree a minimum couple of years to officially start a career, a pilot would need training at aviation schools and definite hours of flying experience, etc.

But a digital marketer requires just learning and practicing the essential digital marketing skills to start a career, rest you can learn along the way.

You can launch your career just after or even during the course.

As digital marketer opportunities for you will be endless.

You definitely don’t require a degree from a college or years of training.

It’s an easy road to enter this career. Even before taking a place at a company, you can start taking freelancing projects and add notches to your portfolio.

Another important benefit is there is nothing permanent in this field. Trends and tactics keep on changing according to the audience and the global environment. So you develop your experience and knowledge by starting to work. This is a very diverse field so meeting and working with different people is a part of it and you get to learn from others.

  1. There are far less Digital Marketers Supplied than We Need

According to survey reports, there will be 150,000 jobs for digital marketing in the USA alone. In India, it’s an industry of $68 billion and is growing at 40%. But the gap is not nearly half-filled. The supply of skilled and trained digital marketers is not being fulfilled.

So, not only you will have job options and opportunities but being trained formally will increase your chances from others. There is a chance of career progression if treaded smartly.

  1. You Get Structured Learning and Knowledge of All Trending Technologies

In a recognized certification program, learning is constructed in order and all the major & minor skills and tools are covered. You learn every topic like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and skills in an organized manner that benefits and compliments each other. Logically it is much more productive and efficient to learn this way.

This structured learning becomes more important due to the volatile dynamics of this industry. Learning on your own will give you the information in bits and not certain how all the knowledge co-relates. It is important for a digital marketer to know how to use all the skills in the most beneficial way. How one skill can increase the potency of a strategy?

You will gain all this professional knowledge in a certification course.

It increases not only your productivity but also gives you a firm grip over the digital marketing skills.

  1. A Course Will Validate Your Skills

Being good enough is important but just saying so will not be enough for your employer to hire you. So, how will you tackle this challenge of proving yourself apt for a digital marketing role?

Even experience in digital marketing will take you so far and it does not necessarily highlight all your skills. Only experience will also not confirm that you will cover a 360-degree range of skills and you will excel at your job.

So, now when digital marketing is officially known as a career, employers are looking for credentials.

A recognized certification in digital marketing will prove that you are formally trained. It is evidence for your claims of being a good digital marketer. Certification is an indication of your training and qualification. It indicates that you have earned the certification by learning and proving the skills.

Certification in digital marketing will increase the employer’s confidence in you and your chances to get hired.

  1. It is a Diverse Field Which Appreciates Your Diverse Talents

Digital marketing is a product of various talents, skills, and minds coming together. It is not just a result of a single idea, strategy, or tool. It is a collective effort of many aspects coming together.

Digital marketing does not just require analytical or technical knowledge, it also requires creative input. It goes hand in hand. Knowledge of audience behavior and how to present a strategy on a particular platform is equally important.

A good SEO analyst requires both technical knowledge and emotional potency to decide on the right keywords and digital marketing strategies to relate with the target audience.

It is a creative and technical field so bring along what you have and learn the rest.

So, if you are good at something and not so good at others do not fret. There is a place for everyone who possesses the skill of a good digital marketer. There is always scope to learn as well.

Your Guide to Paid Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put us all in a dilemma, regarding the marketing strategies. One marketing strategy you might be having the most concern about is paid marketing. From the past, major global events have always affected PPC and COVID-19 will not be an exception.

You are not the only one to be thinking about the pros and cons of paid marketing during present times. And well it has both pros and cons.

How paid marketing is affected in the COVID period?

With the effects of a pandemic on the economy and expenditure habits of people, it is difficult to decide for you to continue or not with pay per click marketing.

A decrease in physical customers in only a short period of time is not alarming. And so, everyone is headed towards virtual platforms.

The new directives regarding COVID-19 have made people change and adapt, so that is what as advertiser you should do too. Adapt according to the needs and pattern of online engagement of people.

During this pandemic, the maximum number of people are spending their time online. This seems a good opportunity for online marketing but not all who are online might be in a position to spend as much as they could before.

Your business and services might or might not be in the demand currently regarding the COVID-19. So what will you do? Let us find the answer.

A lot of brands are seen to be pulling back on their paid marketing. But how beneficial will it be if, after the pandemic, your business may have been forgotten?

The best way is to run paid ads. Many of the businesses can adapt the paid ads strategy and run ads on platforms like

  • Google Ads
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

3 steps to follow to improve your paid marketing strategies

Everyone is practicing social distancing but that doesn’t mean they are not active on social platforms. You can easily run your ads on social platforms and get a huge chunk of traffic on your website. If you are planning to run ad campaigns for your business, it’s essential to take a look at the keywords you are going to use. Also do not forget to check the ad-copy carefully before finalizing. Follow these 3 steps to improve your paid marketing strategy during COVID.

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  1. Examining your keywords-

Examining the righteous keywords is the best gift you can give to your marketing strategy. Before you examine your keywords, know how your customers are being affected in the Covid-19 pandemic. Your website may not be equipped with the valuable information your customers might be searching for. Look at your search bar queries to know the information your users are looking at your platform.

You might be surprised by your research and find that there is another niche related keyword for your business which you have no idea about!

You can also look forward to many keyword opportunities within your business premises on topics like:

  • Work from home services
  • Health service
  • Streaming services
  • Communication tools

Keyword research can be problematic sometimes. You can use many keyword research tools to find the most suited keywords for your paid campaigns or you can also let us know. We are a leading digital marketing company that provides the best digital marketing strategies for every business. Adqnix Techlab Pvt. Ltd. can help you find the best keywords and also report on how these keywords are working for your paid campaigns.

  1. Work on your valuable statements

Many entrepreneurs have updated their valuable proportions to change the way they are serving their customers. You can also apply this strategy to your paid marketing campaign. Businesses can add appeals to their ads and can motivate their users to click with relevant statements. For example, it can be anything either related to providing discounts, free shipping, or home delivery options. Just make sure that you are not using anything to provoke anxiety or fear during this time of crisis.

  1. Study negative keywords –

Though it is necessary to work on finding the most suited keywords for your business it is also important to know the negative keywords that are showing your ads for the search terms you don’t find worthy for your business.

You can use the negative keywords for the terms that you are not offering during this time like in-person services that your business isn’t offering can be set to negative keywords. This decreases the flow of money on wasted clicks and keeps your ads more trustworthy. This helps in increasing the quality of your keywords.

You can also stop where you feel so. For example, You might not want your paid ad to be shown next to some COVID-19 related content.

However, in a survey, it is found that many people have limited their brand visibility near COVID-19 sensitive content. This can be achieved with negative keywords.

So based on your research and what you wish to sell in this period, you can limit your paid ads and save a huge chunk of your money.

How to get back in the Paid Marketing game?

Out of sight of out of mind!  They say.

It would be better to keep your paid ads running with adjusting your budget rather than killing the program completely.

You should consider moving away from conversion-focused marketing to brand marketing. Focus on finding and adjusting according to the needs of your target audience.

See how your business is portrayed to your customers. Make things easy for customers while aligning your brand with recognition.

It will also be difficult for you to know the search behavior which is changing abruptly due to COVID-19. So, adjust your online presence accordingly.

Increased internet usage does not necessarily ensure an increase in organic traffic. Paid marketing will give you genuine non-organic traffic. Don’t let the statistics dampen your spirits. Pay-per-click will give you searchers who are actively seeking your business out.

So, by all means, market your business just not only as a business owner but also as a member of the pandemic induced community.

You might not have an idea that you are using keywords that do not resonate with your customers’ demands.

13 Reasons You Should Avoid the Traditional Marketing Approach

Today, the digital marketing approach has become the fastest driving force behind the success of most of the marketing strategies. There is no room left for obsolete traditional marketing tactics. Let’s see why you really need to avoid the traditional marketing approach and spend your resources on the Digital Marketing Approach.

Marketing is that important part of any business that cannot be ignored at any cost. With the small businesses mushrooming every day with innovative ideas, it has now become more important for the entrepreneurs to invest a fixed amount of money in the marketing alone. In this internet dominated era, for the businesses to stand tall amongst all the competition, they really need to shift their marketing tactics from traditional to something contemporary that attracts users’ attractions.

Today with the advancement of the internet and changes in marketing techniques, businesses really need to buck-up and try something quirky and new every time possible. Sticking on the traditional marketing practices can become cringe someday and people might think that your brand is not up-to-date with the technology.

Let’s get into the debate of why you should avoid traditional marketing approaches and choose digital marketing over it.

  1. Traditional Approach can be More Expensive:

Traditional Marketing approach in most cases are expensive in nature, generally, it includes the broadcast media, print, and direct emails. Companies and marketers use these marketing techniques and create hoardings, newspaper ads, magazine ads, television advertisements, and radio commercials. With this old method of marketing, the information of a brand, product, or service is shared with the audiences to get recognition to increase the sales.

The investment of money in the old traditional marketing approach initially looks worthwhile but there are many disadvantages associated with it that you should definitely look into. The traditional approach is a little bit expensive than digital marketing, as they offer a small return on investment. For instance the newspaper advertisement, the amount will depend on the length and size of it, also it would remain unclear how many people see that advertisement.

The Billboards advertisements- the huge hoarding on the roadside are quite expensive, the cost depends on the size and the location of placing it. Even the broadcasting, telemarketing, magazine advertisement cost too much and the return on investment is very low in this. Therefore the approach is now obsolete as the digital ways are more economic and reach a wide range of target audiences easily.

  1. Traditional Marketing is Slowly Losing its Audience:

Traditional marketing practice is slowly losing its audiences. When you think of having a television advertisement or a newspaper advertisement for your brand, you will have to anticipate people who still watch TV and reads newspapers. Because over the few years things have changed. Television watching has suffered a sharp decline due to various online streaming video platforms, and same goes for newspaper circulation, a gradual decline has been seen with the growing years, people are accessing news online for free.

The audience has shifted to digital media, people reading news online are increasing day-by-day, video streaming platforms are more used than watching TV. The shift from traditional to digital media has changed the way of people consuming Media and News. Therefore the traditional approach of marketing is gradually being phased out in terms of effectiveness and to get back with your audiences you will require the new digital approach, otherwise, you will lag in building your brand value.

  1. The Approach Takes More Time to Process:

In traditional marketing, the execution time is much more as compared to digital marketing. Forgiving ads in newspapers, or making billboards advertisement or distributing pamphlets/flyers, you have to wait for them to create first, then wait for placing hoardings or distributing pamphlets or magazines. Also, you have to prepare the designs in advance before giving it for publishing. Whereas in digital marketing you have to design and put it online(on the website or social media platforms) which takes much less time.

There is one more associated disadvantage of traditional marketing when you require a change in the advertisement the whole process would repeat from designing to printing and placing the distribution, which is a costly process and time-consuming. In new modern techniques, the businesses design their advertisement and post it on social media in a few minutes and if they need to change it they can easily do it without paying extra money, just little editing is required. Digital advertisement can be edited, tested in real-time to give the right information but print media requires time and many edits and once it’s done you can’t go back and edit.

  1. Traditional Marketing Results are Non-Quantifiable:

With the traditional marketing approach, it is difficult for marketers to measure the user viewership, the results are non-measurable, though there are services available for giving you the TV viewership count, again this is just estimated not a proper count. And for billboards advertisements and newspaper ads we cannot tell how many people have seen it or read the advertisement, we can only assume the numbers.  Whereas in digital marketing  we can see the real count of user’s views. Digital media provides us the whole metrics with detailed information from website page visit to final purchase.

  1. Static text

Printed publications like newspapers and magazines use static text for advertisements. Suppose you have given an ad in the newspaper about your product sale and later your stock gets over, in that situation, you cannot edit the ad to let your customers know about the situation and you cannot interact with them instantly, this will result in many unhappy clients. Contrary to the traditional way, digital marketing allows us to update and make changes anytime in our published advertisements.

If the stock is finished then you can post about it or make changes in the previous post to let clients know about it. Updating your clients with the current situation will only help you to make the client relationship stronger which is beneficial for your brand. Also, the digital campaigns are not full of text-only, they are quite informative with pictures, audios, and videos which makes the advertisement more appealing and interesting.

  1. Less Informative:

In business, you deal with many products and services, and information about each product would be different from the rest. Now if we see the traditional approach it is difficult to publish an advertisement for each product, you can only give the necessary information from which the customers will not know about all the products or services you are offering, which makes the traditional approach less informative.

The reason is print media doesn’t offer enough space, for instance, a single product can have various pricing options and different offers for the customers, but it is quite difficult to display the large information in the newspaper due to restricted space. But in the digital marketing approach, you have your own social media pages, you can post information as much as you want. And with detailed information, the customers would be well aware of your brand, products, and services, also you can respond to their queries online which is not possible in the old traditional way of marketing.

  1. Traditional Marketing is temporary:

Traditional marketing tactics have become obsolete because the advertisements cannot be found in magazines, pamphlets, or newspapers after some time. These traditional advertisements are temporary and cannot reach the user once they are finished airing. On the contrary, the content or advertisement you publish online remains on the server forever. It doesn’t get deleted. You can even enhance your ways of advertising and publishing your content online. You can add a video, blog, or a simple post boasting about your products and services. Although the competition is high you can use your creative skills to lead ahead of the race. Consumers would find your advertisement and content online until the moment you do not take that down.

  1. You cannot track your progress in Traditional Marketing:

Technology has advanced and time has passed when you couldn’t analyze your marketing techniques and just follow the hit and trial method for your marketing. Progress of marketing campaigns cannot be tracked in traditional marketing whereas, in online marketing, you can track your marketing campaigns progress and how they are impacting your user base.

You can track your ROI i.e your return on investment. You can know if the investment you have made is getting you any revenue or not. You can check whether your marketing approach is working on a particular platform or not. Then you can decide the best performing marketing approach and ads that trigger your marketing campaign.

  1. Brand Name Endorsement:

In Digital marketing, your brand image definitely gets a good boost because it offers you the chance of having a whole website on the internet. You can have your own blogs or social media accounts where you can share your brand story and write about your products and services. This helps in installing a faith of authenticity in the user’s eye. Hence digital marketing clearly stands ahead in the Brand Development category.

5 Top Mobile App Promotion Techniques To Use

5 top Mobile App Promotion Techniques that can be used…

1. Social Media Marketing:

The easiest way to promote anything in this world is through social media platforms. With a huge crowd online you can reach your target audience easily, but don’t be boring there, simply putting your application link won’t attract any audience. Do it smartly, show your application showcasing all its usefulness in an interesting way that people read about it, and want to learn more about it. Your introductory text should be attractive enough to engage more audience. People should see that your post is worth clicking. So here is the 1st tip to promote your app online, get your phone, and post about your new app on all social media platforms. Posts should be interesting and engaging and useful.

The well-known platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Every platform has a different sort of crowd, now you decide what sort of audience you might need as your target. For instance, Instagram is a place where you will find all millennials, so if your target customers are on Instagram, create one business account for your app and start promoting your app.

2. Check-in Rewards to your Customers:

Another way to promote your application is by giving check-in rewards to your customers. You can encourage your potential customers to use your app by offering some rewards. It can be of any form like you can offer discounts,  rewards points that they can use later too. You can also offer incentives, prize, recognition for some fixed number of visits on the app. Do something that allures customers and they visit and use your application. Customers who are using the services like Google+, ShopKick, FourSquare can be convinced to check-in to your place by offering them rewards. It is a simple way to attract new customers. In the beginning, this practice can help you to gain more customers.

3. Interesting Landing page:

A powerful landing page comprising of all the important information is one best way to let people know about the app. In brief, a small self-explanatory introduction in clear words is enough. In general, the landing page is known as the home page where the major functions of applications are mentioned. It is like an introduction of customers to the app. It can be more than just the introduction page, you can add links to your application which takes users to iOS and android app stores directly from where they can download the application. There are many applications which are using these techniques and getting benefit also. For example, see the Landing Page of Tinder you will get the idea of how the landing page should be and how much information should be included in it to give a brief idea about an App.

4. User Retention:

In the beginning, you must pay importance to every single user of your application. Talk to one user at a time, it would be great if you make a small group of some users who could provide you honest feedback. It is imperative to get those feedbacks in the beginning phase as somehow they validate the motive of your application. Listen to your user reviews and make sure they remain loyal to your service, once you get that initial trust from customers, it would become easy to find new customers as well. Apart from all social media platforms, mouth marketing still stands on the top. Because when a real-time user speaks about the goodness of an application, it becomes easy to build trust in another user. Hence talk about the app service to your customers, get their reviews, & feedbacks and also listen to their complaints. Modify according to your customer reviews and feedbacks, this is how you will gain recognition. Remember, a happy customer will bring you 100 more customers.

5. Work on your App Store page Optimization:

Optimization on the app store page is a basic yet critical strategy for the promotion of Application. More than 50% of people who have downloaded an app on the play store or app store have found it because they spot the app while browsing through the app store.

The way your website should be good enough for customer acceptance or can be considered as digital equivalent showcasing your business, the same way an app is something that helps in distinguishing your business from all the other competing portals. The idea driving App Store or Play Store optimization is to let your user known about your application so they can find and download your app from the app store. The optimization technique focusses on conversation rate optimization and keyword optimization.

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Top 5 Promotional Techniques for Travel Agencies

With an enormous amount of money gushing into the travel and tourism industry, there is no doubt about how the tourism industry would bloom in 2020 and further. People are quite obsessed with traveling the globe and witnessing different cultures.

But the story doesn’t end here. With the increase in travel enthusiasts and the growth of the travel industry, there are many new brands and agencies mushrooming in the market and providing cheap travel deals to the users. The travel industry is focused on converting clients just by promotional advertisements and low funnel advertisement techniques that would get rotten very soon.

You need to buck up and put your best foot forward to stay ahead of your competitors. For all the travel agencies who have been looking for the best promotional techniques to deploy in their digital marketing in the coming years, here is a small guide and tips about how you can excel and carve the best position for your company. After all, you need to maintain long-term growth and enhance your brand loyalty among your audience.

Best promotional techniques travel agencies can deploy in upcoming years:

Great content for your audience:

We hear it every time that content is King of Digital Marketing but do we really understand and use it? Once you start applying it practically then you will see the results. Quality content on your website not only attracts a lot of visitors to the website but it also helps in enhancing your SEO. It is your job to offer great content to your audience because they read and imagine what you have written.
A beautiful description with correct and useful information is what a traveler wants. Make sure you deliver the right information, your words should match with your actions too, great content with low-quality service can damage your reputation online. Therefore write only what you can offer. For suggestions you can use online data, know about what is in trend, people choose destinations according to weather, so timely update the content accordingly. Also, make it real, don’t just fill the pages with mere words. Right the true stories, the real experiences, and it will surely draw a lot of attention!

Good looks- Attracts Eyes

The same as content goes for websites. Good web design can attract a thousand eyes. A finely designed website works as a mute advertiser which silently exhibits to the users what you have got to offer them.
Suppose you have put great content, applied a great strategy, strategic campaigns but what if your website has poor designing, trust me it will not work the way you have planned.

A simple mistake can cost you a lot. Despite putting great things on the website, you will gain no customers with a poorly designed website. Talk to your designers and developers, tell them how you want the website look like so that it can look attractive and hold the visitors’ eyes. Color combination also plays a major role, as they depict emotions. Your designer should know how to play with them.

How are Your Social Media Pages Doing?

The best way to let people know what current trips you are conducting is through your social media pages. Facebook, Youtube, and now Instagram have made it so easy to reach a huge crowd with just one post. Your travel agency’s social media account should be active with new posts and information regularly.

Post relevant content, story highlights with amazing pictures of a trip, destination pictures will allure the travel enthusiast. You can post beautiful pictures with a caption that makes a person feel to pack their bags and go on a trip. Add small videos highlighting the fun activities of a holiday destination. Post about your upcoming trips. Provide some offers and discounts timely.

Another advantage of social media is that you can hear from your audience, ask them what they want, get their feedback, because the more you get engaged with your audience the more they rely on your brand. This is how relationships can be strengthened with the audience.

Loyalty Programs Are a Must

For those you have not heard it before, the Loyalty Program is a strategy to encourage the customers of a brand to continue their purchase or use of service. You can offer special discount coupons or some free merchandise to your old customers. Generally, a user registers their basic information with a travel company, and they are provided with a unique identifier, by which they can make their purchasing(traveling). A company can use this information to reach them again, offering some interesting offers which they can’t ignore. It is the easiest way to allure your travel enthusiast customers.

Email Marketing:

You already have the email address of your old clients in your database. Use them wisely because the email client conversion rate is higher than search and social media posts.

What you can do is add a subscription form on your website. When the website visitors subscribe to your newsletter, you will get their email address and hence you can provide them with useful information regarding your upcoming services, offers, etc. Upcoming trips or events news offers, and coupons can be published. Sometimes you can publish news-letters giving detailed tourism package.

Do not spam the customer’s email box. There is a high probability that they will unsubscribe to your service. People subscribed to know about useful things. Therefore share only attractive offers and alluring traveling destinations. You can also set up automated replies on emails based on interactions, it is helpful for both the parties.

Things to keep in mind before hiring a person for digital marketing

Even before hiring an employee for a simple job, it takes so much of interviews and his ability to check for work.

We do not just hire anybody who walks into our office premises.

We check the aptitude and knowledge of the candidate based on some tests and interviews. When we follow such crucial steps while hiring employees for the organization, then why don’t we be a little more considerate while hiring an expert for digital marketing? Because he/she would be someone who carries an entire load of company’s marketing related stuff?

Obviously hiring a digital marketing agency in Jaipur can be a little uphill task because of the infinite number of candidate options you have. Not all of them would be able to get you the results you are looking for. Some may not have experience in your niche.

You just need to find the best one that suits your company’s requirements. Well, it requires a lot of tests to finalize someone for this crucial job because anyways the digital marketer is the one who is going to make your brand known to the world.

List of points to keep in mind before hiring someone for digital marketing:

Hand with pen and mobile phone nearby

1. Similar Experience

A digital marketer who has experience in the industry the same as yours.
Before hiring someone make sure that he/she has experience in your industry. Because they know what strategies and expertise will be required for that area of Industry.

Also, they know the trouble spots and ways to tackle them. A digital marketer with the same industry experience can help you design strategies and organize a marketing campaign for your brand to attract your target audience for it.

While hiring someone ask them whether they had achieved any win inexperience in reference to digital marketing. For instance, you are a software developing company and offer end products to your client, does he/she ever do marketing for a similar kind of purpose. What strategies and campaign did they do? And what were the results? Ask as many questions you can to know whether the person can do it for your brand as well.
It is necessary to have a similar kind of experience as the person would help your industry with great campaigns and strategies, also they know the pitfalls of it.

2. What Skills They Have?


Digital marketing is a vast area it includes several sections where a person needs to work for making a brand/ product known to audiences digitally.

It includes several areas that include Marketing planning, great content development, brand visibility on social media, Management on social media, Email Marketing, PPC, conversion optimization, Analysis and metrics (lead generation, brand awareness, sales and much more).
With a wide range of working areas, the person you choose must know the maximum of these, so he/ she can leave no stone unturned to get your website the greatest number of viewers and catch the audience’s attention.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask your To-be digital marketer that what skills they possess and how good they are at. Full-stack marketers are hard to found but keep your search on because digital marketing does all the “business-marketing” work for your company. Their proficiency in different areas will help your company to grow.

3. Analytical skills:

Analytical Skills

Many Businesses failed because the people under the digital marketing team failed to analyze and use the data of “Google Analytics” sufficiently. Google Analytics is a free analytic system that allows you to see the insight of your website traffic and its overall performance. Correct and proper analysis can allow you to identify the drawbacks and work on them by improving the digital marketing strategies.

Also, it gives you opportunities where you can work for better customer experiences. Hence find a person who can monitor these data, if a company is huge than data and reports will be huge. So someone who can see, analyze and handle this huge collection of website’s data and plan strategies accordingly. He/she should be able to use information, for instance, a past month sales can help you to predict the next month sales, now it will give you an idea about the production you just do.

4. Should Have Understanding of Some Coding Skills

Coding Skills

Well, it is a bit arguable thing to have or do not have the coding skills in a marketing person because coding and development mean a whole different thing. But it is always beneficial to know the basics of anything.

The basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is required in the SEO process that comes under digital marketing. A person with this basic knowledge would not depend on developers for some quick fixes and edits in codes. We are not saying to design something wholly but adding meta tags and meta keywords are necessary for SEO which is a work of digital marketer and that requires HTML and CSS.

Therefore, it would better if you hire someone who can fix small things like formatting in blogs, add headings, adding hyperlinks in articles, building tables, listings and many other small things using HTML and CSS, if there is no help available from developer’s side.

5. Expertise in Paid Social Media Advertising:

Paid Social Media Advertising

When you hire a digital marketer, make sure that he/she is adept and experienced in paid media advertising especially the platform which your business is already using and that has covered many audiences.

The platform can be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other, the important thing is that he/she should be able to understand the insights and analytics of that platform and should be knowledgeable enough to use that piece of information for orienting more audience.

Creating attractive campaigns, posts, images should be an easy task for him/her. Facebook and other marketing space provide many features and options through which one can promote a brand, products or services, therefore hire someone who is cognizant about all social media platforms because these platforms give you a huge number of audiences to reach out. One should just know how to do it. That’s it!

6. Does he/she possess SALES skills?

It is a must-have quality for a digital marketer. A person who has selling ability is prone to be a good marketer as they know how to generate the need for a product or service even when they don’t require it. That is the most unique thing about people having sales skills.

They know how to grab attention and engage customers and then create sales opportunities. Though digital marketers do not make sales first directly, they are the one who creates/generate sales leads, therefore they should possess sales qualities as well.

Top 11 Paid Advertising Techniques You May Wanna Use in 2020

Paid Advertising techniques or Paid Marketing, what does that mean to you? How can it help your business bloom?

How can you implement paid marketing to attract more customers? have got no clue. Chill, we have got you covered.

Although most of us are aware of work MARKETING and can talk about it when asked. But the striking point comes about how to implement paid marketing to enhance sales?

From the newspaper ads to search result Ads, the scenario of ad marketing has definitely seen a huge change. As the name clearly suggests, paid ads are those where you pay for advertising for your brands, products, and services.

The drop in organic traffic has made marketers use these paid techniques for building their brand value and advertise them online to attract more customers and increases their sales.

Just by paying for the ads, you can run them online on various websites, social platforms or in search results to target your audiences and eventually earn a huge profit and a customer domain out of it.

If you are someone new to digital marketing or wish to invest your hard-earned money in increasing your sales online, then, of course, you need some really good strategies to kick start.

Here are some of the paid marketing techniques you can use in 2020 to increase your sales.

Best Paid Marketing Strategies:

1. Pay per click Advertising:


An online advertising strategy that has been in trend since long back and is not going to slow down in upcoming years too. In Pay per click, advertisers have to pay every single time when a user clicks on their online advertisement. And it’s a fact that visitors who come from PPC are more likely to become your potential customers than the visitors generated organically.

The most common PPC advertising method is “paid search ads”. In this, the advertisement will show up as a result when a user searches about it. For instance, a user search for a bakery shop, then, as a result, your shop’s advertisement will show up. The name “pay-per-click” because the advertisers need to pay only when someone sees and clicks on that advertisement.

2. Advertisement by influencers:


From the last few years, it has become a trend where brands collaborate with influencers to advertise their product. Influencers who have huge followers on various social media can grab the attention of millions with a single product advertisement. Therefore it’s a great way to target your audience.

It is becoming popular lately because people follow those influencers and will use that product if their favorite influencer is using it. It will require more money than pay-per-click obviously but it will definitely work better than pay-per-click, as users sometimes block this pay-per-click advertising.

3. Social Media Advertising:

Social Media Advertising

A good approach for advertising online where you can reach a large number of audiences altogether. This powerful approach involves your brand advertisement on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Choose the platform which is best suitable for your product, for instance, if you are a shoe seller than make a business page on Instagram and Facebook, and post the picture of your products and suppose you are a choreographer than create your channel on youtube for posting videos to attract the audience who are interested to learn from you.
So keep your audience in mind choose the platform wisely, and advertise your product or service. Facebook has one feature of “audience insight” which allows you to learn much more about your audience purchase behavior, demography, etc. You can connect with top Social Media Agencies.

4. Banner Ads

Banner Ads

An old practice but still working for advertising online. Banner ads also term as a web banner is a way through which advertisement on a web page is run by an ad server. You must have seen these ads that display on top of a web page, now from desktop they are displaying it on mobile devices as well.

You can practice this approach for attracting good traffic to your website because even after new modern techniques in the market, it has still remained one effective way to make popular your brand and product online. Many marketers and businesses are using this technique. Generally run by a central ad server, the promotion of a brand is done by getting visitors from the host to the advertiser’s website.

5. Ad Retargeting:

It’s like a reminder to your customers who came to your website, visited but did not make any purchase or avail any services. And when they visit other websites, your advertisement will show up on those sites.

This involves the use of cookies from websites of users where the activities, browsing content are tracked anonymously. Later results are made according to the collected data about what customers actually seeking online, and then the relevant ad is made available to them. This strategy goes with website banners, apps, and search.

Many businesses are using this approach to advertise and expanding sales. The strategy is effective more for those websites which have already a large number of users/ visitors. Implement this paid advertising strategy if your website already has a huge traffic rate.

Learn more about remarketing here

Still wondering about what types of Paid Advertising techniques you can use for your business, here is a list of best-Paid Marketing strategies you can implement.

1. Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the marketing practice in which you ask your affiliates to promote your goods, service and your brand on their platform and if you earn any visit through that affiliate you pay a certain commission to them as a token. Every time you get a user on your website you need to pay your affiliate. Wikipedia has bifurcated 4 parties in affiliate marketing namely- the merchant who owns website or business, the network, the publisher who is your affiliate publishing the ad, and the customer who visits your website.

2. Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are the kind of marketing in which advertisements are published by the automated Advertisement network. In this, your ad would be published on the website or any other media that have content relevant to your advertisement. The ads are shown to that user who searches for the relevant thing. This kind of marketing is quite common on mobile devices and even Google Adsense is now having a specific ad format for mobile.

Top Recap on some topics like

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads and Campaigns

You must have seen Ads popping up on search engines like Google when you search for a particular product or service relevant to that advertisement, right? That is PPC. It is a way of Internet Marketing in which the brand pays whenever a user clicks on the ad and land on the brand’s website.

The PPC ads have attained quite a fame recently with their age success rate. The PPC ads are based on bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business. This makes sure that you are targeting your potential customer domain who would search for the service he requires and would land on your page.

4. Banner Ads:

Banner Ads is another Paid Marketing technique you can use in 2020 to publish your ad widespread on the internet. These are the small banners in rectangular shape published on various web pages. These banner ads can vary in color choices, size, appearance and subject content. They can be made attractive so that the user clicks on the ad and land on your website.

5. Social Media Ads:

Who isn’t familiar with the power of social media and how it can drive your users to your online platform. Social media ads are the best way to create an elite brand image online. They work on social media advertisements on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can target your demographic location customers and attract them to buy products with some powerful ad campaigns.

6. Video Marketing:

68% of users say that they get more attracted to Video ads that promote products and 87% of businesses are using video marketing to increase their online traffic.
So what are you thinking about? Video marketing can act as the most influential technique in your marketing campaign as it generates good leads and helps in sale conversions. The above numbers must have convinced you about how video marketing can help you in 2020.

Put your best foot forward to publish an attractive video with a magnetizing title that attracts users to click on it.

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5 Reason You Need to Start Doing Video Marketing

Marketing is nothing just a relation between the products/brands and customers. Marketing helps you to sell your products to customers. Product, Cost, Price, Affordability, Awareness, Promotion, Communication, Place, Packaging, Accessibility, Positioning and People, these are some of the main aims of the marketing.

None of the users goes beyond the first page of Google search to find the relevant result. And getting your website rank highest and shine on the first page of Google Search Result or any other Search Engine Result is something to assure that your digital marketing is going well.

1. Social Platform Users are obsessed with Videos:

In the current era of digitization, around 63% of business starts with video marketing. It is very helpful, as it is easy to share. On social media sites, 55% of peoples watch videos every day. It is not important that your product/brand’s video goes viral, important is that peoples see your video and share if they like it. People get connected with some emotional videos and share if all over their networks.

92% of peoples daily see videos on their laptops and also smartphones, but not only watching them also share the videos. And the icing on the cake is an Autoplay button, from which you can grab attention towards your video very easily.

The best marketing video timing on some social sites are
  • A. YouTube – 2 minutes
  • B. Facebook – 1 minute
  • C. Twitter – 45 Seconds
  • D. Instagram – 30 seconds

And people still wonder where time flies in the modern day’s era.

2. A video would give an edge to your SEO/ROI:

Video marketing is kind of a golden egg. If you want your product to BOOM the market and to get more traffic on your website, and also to get better search rankings, then this the way. As a probable buyer is only made by the traffic which is on best search engine and that is GOOGLE, and another is YouTube which is also owned by GOOGLE.

The wait is over and gets started to climb on the ladder of search ranking. A lot of business owners have admitted that videos have provided them with a good return. Though this art of video making ain’t cheap. But with the advancement in technology, it has become so easy to get video editing tools at low prices and certain are free as well. Though one can still film a decent video through your smartphone itself.

3. Videos Help to drive Organic Traffic:

Everyone knows after youtube being completely owned by Google will surely have some repercussions in the marketing and branding of the products as well. We all die-heartedly strive for getting displayed on the first page of Google Search Results.

And in that run, we must know that in the coming years, Videos would become the strongest armor to earn high ranks in Organic Searches. For an initial start, you can try using keywords more often in the title and then focus on the description. This will help you get a higher organic ranking. To get more traffic you can even start embedding your website in all sorts of blogs and social media pages as possible.

4. Video Marketing is a boon to increase your Sales and Conversion Rate:

You wake up and you need to make money! If video making is taken seriously it can become some serious source of income. Informative videos and product describing videos are the ones which get more of the clicks. Studies have shown that more than 70% of people who watch such informative product review videos they end up buying the stuff eventually. So why are you still waiting to start enhancing your video editing and crafting skills and start earning money?

5. Video Marketing helps build trust:

One needs to gain the trust of the viewer in order to make the viewer a consistent follower of your work. And for that policy to work one needs to make genuine and legit content. This will make you have a long term relation with your viewer. For that, to work you need to start with providing good informative content and stop selling it cause people might just ain’t here for buying it.

A video has even a better way of interaction with people. It engages and ignites emotion amongst people. YouTube today has become the most powerful weapon amongst us. It is used in a broad spectrum for branding and marketing products. So, if you are serious about your work in content making then make sure your videos are genuine enough.

In conclusion, all I can say is if you ain’t using video to spread your content then maybe it is time for you to switch to video mode. It has even a broader media approach which might end up in resulting in more distribution of the information you want to outcast.

Tips For Helping Your E-Commerce website Compete With Giants

No one stands against the Mountain but Oberyn Martell did, this is something that happened in Game Of Thrones though completely hypothetical. No one remembers how brave he was there in the battlefield but he sure did made us realize that all it takes is that one impulsive decision and a lot of hard work and potential to make it through in the world of giants.

In an E-commerce website, business is not so easy, especially without a piece of proper knowledge and planning. For sharing your products and services, the internet is a great platform for small scale businesses by which one can share with the world.

If you want to compete with the other e-commerce business owners or big boys with their so popular and hyped websites, then not only comprehensive planning but research is necessary. As per the 180 companies tracked by eMarketer, the total annual retail e-commerce sales make is around $201 billion. out of which the top 25 retailers itself account for about 80%, which is exactly $159 billion which surely helps put things into perspective and provide us with a more clear image. 

As we can all know how Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Apple have taken the top 3 spots and their revenue is partly related to their advertising budget.

1. Research is just the Homework

This first and the most important amongst all, as you will be competing with those you might have never even heard of and to keep their identity still anonymous in the market you have to do the homework i.e. the Research.

Firstly you have to do all the research related to your competitors and the industry in which you want to work. The more you know the better you tend to plan for your business.

2. Masters in Niche

After doing a good amount of research it’s time for you to think about in which category or genre or field you want to step your foot in. If you are a newbie then go for products which have a high commission and low-risk factor.

Hard work always pays-off”, but here hard work will not be good enough as some of them out there are also doing the same as you and selling that product as you with a lower price. So for good profit focus either on a good quality product or with a low price along with great customer service.

3. Paid Advertisement

Some of you may be using your e-commerce site as a platform to sell advertisement space to other brands. Don’t do it. If you have a small business then focus on free options. This begins with your active accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Explore more opportunities with some more niche communities/organization, try to be more active on sites, try interacting with more people, and practically about every product.

4. Attractive Website

Just create a beautiful attractive and well-maintained website. To improve your ranking only post relevant feeds to be posted. This will surely improve your search engine ranking after a certain period of time.

After some time, let’s say every week you just go through all site’s pages just to make sure that you don’t miss a chance of making some big changes. Even major search engine changes can also affect your site’s visibility. Too many menu categories will confuse the consumer, preventing them from finding what they’re looking for. After all the less is more concept just applies everywhere I guess.

5. Customer Service

Try connecting Personally with as many customers as possible. Smaller businesses have low availability of opportunities where they can prove themselves worth a good relation with a customer relating to products.

Whereas it is just the reverse in case of large and big businesses. In small businesses, even a small order plays a vital role in doing business and also in promoting it, and if it’s a large order then a quick email should be written to those who had placed the order. thus, building a genuine connection with the buyer.

When customer complaints eventually come up, they should never be swept under the rug. Answering their questions effectively can persuade buyers to choose your store even more when evaluating purchasing options. Don’t keep customers on hold. 

Amazon can’t offer a one-on-one customer service experience as you can. This will build a relationship with your customers and the loyalty will surely pay off. More than half of online shoppers believe premium packaging means a brand is more upscale.

Just with a little planning, you can easily compete with some of the biggest companies easily with making your proportion of desired profits. Just make sure that you are leading with proper and good research and planning with good customer support service. If you can’t beat them, join them; use them as your platform to get additional exposure for your brand.

Nothing is impossible, if you have the ability to compete with the giants of E-commerce then that’s appreciable. It might be some sort of intimidating but not impossible. They all are like big box stores, they have money and resources both which are not available at small businesses like yours but that doesn’t mean you can’t win. You can still stand in front of the biggest e-commerce giant.

3 Things to Know Why You Need to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Digital marketing is proving to be the most effective, affordable and engaging marketing tool that every company is trying to use in the best possible way.

Companies earn the utmost profits from digital marketing because it uses ways to engage and influence users within no time. While, digital marketing campaigns use a comprehensive strategy to reach out to customers with proper planning, targeting and segmenting them based on their inclination towards the company’s products.

It would appear to be an easy task and might be done without the help of experts. But the question is would it be the best possible way to leave your mark in the industry? Would taking the time to learn the tactics leave you behind in the race? You need to decide that based on the 3 things to know why you need to outsource digital marketing campaigns described below:

1)    Rising Competition at a Fast Pace

Outsource Digital Marketing

When everything is getting digital, the market has become more fair and transparent for both newcomers and longstanding markets. It could be a reason for your worry or happiness depending on where you are on the ladder. But what is challenging for both is to win the trust of today’s generation as someone else is always one step ahead of you.


If you have a long standing in the market but have stagnated because of your inability to tap a new range of customers, digital marketing campaigns would be the best medium for increasing your circle.

But handling it on your own would again take you back in the business as you are already behind in the digital race, and choosing to do everything on your own would waste more of your time while your competitors would have gone one step ahead. You cannot afford such a mistake.


If you have started getting comfortable in your business or have just stepped in, then you have a lot of competition already way ahead of you. Rather than beating that, handling digital marketing campaigns could prove to be a blunder for you.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old one, outsourcing your digital marketing campaigns to experts would be your best solution as they have all the time to keep an eye on your competitors, and to make sure your customers stay loyal to you in the long run.

2)    Changing Market Trends-

With new technologies reaching to markets daily, you cannot think of sticking to one plan. You have to innovate and implement daily so as to make it more exciting for your customers on a daily basis. You might be thinking of solutions like:

•    You can stay updated daily –

This would demand both your money and time, which you cannot afford to lose when you have a lot of other important business decisions waiting to be looked upon.

•    You can hire a team of workers-

This would need an initial investment and time, and there are chances of failed delivery as digital marketing campaigns need a strategic implementation where loopholes at any step could lead to huge losses at the end.

•    You can choose to outsource-

This would be the most suitable option as outsourcing to experts would turn to be the most effective and credible option that you could seek. As they take your projects, they have to invariably update themselves with current marketing trends and implement the same strategies so as to deliver the best results.

3)    Better Time and Money Utilization-

When you outsource for digital marketing campaigns of your company, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Usually, when you jump into recognizing your customers, targeting them through campaigns and reaching out to more customers, you forget about the innovations and new touches that your business needs in the first place.

Outsource Digital Marketing

And by devoting your time in this arena, you lose out on the basic growth that your company needs from time to time, leading to setbacks in business. You cannot afford to lose your time on it when you have a better option of investing in an outsourcing company which will take care of digital marketing campaigns better than you can.

Also, money plays a crucial role in your business. When you compare the resources and workforce that you use in digital marketing when you do it on your own than when you outsource it, the difference turns out to be huge.

Outsourcing would do a more effective and optimized job within a limited budget.

All your competitors are making use of outsourcing digital marketing campaigns as they understand the demand and need for out of the box thinking which comes from experts.

They have expertise and experience in this business for so long which leaves you with fewer chances of error. All you have to do is search for the right outsourcing company.