Artificial intelligence can be referred to an advanced technology stimulated to think, act, and behave like humans.

Artificial Intelligence, one evolving phenomenon in digital marketing. AI has opened door to enormous options of digital marketing tactics incorporated with the newest technologies of machine learning to save resources and time.

Artificial intelligence has incorporated itself and affected almost all sectors of human life like industrial production, health sector, science, etc. Artificial intelligence has proven its worth in difficult times of pandemic apart from the data analysis, handling enormous data produced daily, automation tasks, etc.

So how does artificial intelligence has raised the bar of digital marketing? Has it benefited the digital marketing industry? Come, let’s find out.

What is artificial marketing?

With time, evolution in data sciences, and analytic solutions have given marketers the ability to anticipate their customer’s next move and improve the customer journey, artificial intelligence does this much more efficiently and quickly.

Today marketers are relying on artificial intelligence for plenty of efforts and if you were postponing your share of it, we have listed, the very reasons why you should start using it and how it affects digital marketing.

  1. Artificial intelligence easily adapts and incorporates in marketing strategies.

Though reluctant at first, marketers have tentatively but started applying artificial intelligence to their marketing moves especially after witnessing big brands using artificial intelligence in their digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence shows products to customers most relevant to their searches and reviews which enhances their experience and increases sales.

2. Artificial intelligence enhances PPC advertising

Artificial intelligence helps in discovering new advertising channels that are not the most commonly used by other competitive brands. AI optimizes targeted advertising platforms.

AI serves in autonomous media buying which involves minimal human input and AI analyzes, manages, and optimizes your paid ad campaign.

3. Artificial Intelligence creates more personalized messaging service for customers

It has always been a struggle for marketers to determine where to place the ads and what individual content to send. AI helps the organization in message tracking and increases analytic capabilities to send personal and customized messages to users according to their preferences at the right time and right place.

4. Artificial intelligence predicts customer behavior more efficiently and gives insights

All that time required to crunch a large amount of data and match customer’s behavior can be reduced by AI and more efficiently. AI creates personalized audience persona based on their geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral sources, past communications, purchase behavior, psychological factors.

AI algorithms identify-

  • Clearly which customer should be included and excluded from which ad campaign.
  • Match customers to the products most likely to use.
  • Better manage the limited stock commodities and customers who tend to return items.

    5. Artificial Intelligence promotes an enhanced chatbot experience

For those not familiar with the name, the chatbot is an AI software tool. It stimulates a human conversation with the customer and helps them find what they are looking for. It reduces the resources, time, and money required in customer support all the while generating more leads. The chatbot works on different platforms and different customers simultaneously which removes the waiting time issue. Chatbots are just not for service interaction but can also be used for quizzes to predict and learn about customer’s preferences.

6. Artificial Intelligence curates Smart email content for customers

Personalized content is much more effective than impersonalized. It’s no news but AI does it for you much more efficiently in less time can be new for you. Your team after hours of compiling and scheduling won’t be able to send personalized emails to every single customer. AI algorithms identify hyper-contextual content to create the one-on-one email content.

AI create these emails based on-

  • Previous website interactions
  • Wish lists
  • Previous brand interactions emails
  • Popular content at the time
  • interest of similar visitor

    7. Artificial Intelligence churn predictions and increases smart customer engagement

AI algorithms identify disengaged segments through predictive models, tests, and data on real customers and take actions accordingly. E.g. quick-churn customers are difficult to engage and late-churn customers are easy to re-engage so they are incentivised through relevant offers, push notifications, emails, etc. churn predictions are different for every company and brand so it needs to be built from the ground focusing on your company data.

8. Artificial Intelligence enhances the performance of your team for better purposes

We have established the fact that AI does tasks like data analysis much faster and with more efficacy. So free your human resources of mundane repetitive tasks and put them to better use so that they can build some of the best marketing strategies for better campaigns, and performance.


Artificial Intelligence is one such phenomenon that cannot be separated from digital marketing in the near future. So, it is the best time that the newbie digital marketers and marketing strategists in the companies adapt to this evolving trend of AI and ace their marketing game. It is not just to benefit your marketing growth but machine learning would also help you in branding your business in the era of technological evolution.

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