Today, the digital marketing approach has become the fastest driving force behind the success of most of the marketing strategies. There is no room left for obsolete traditional marketing tactics. Let’s see why you really need to avoid the traditional marketing approach and spend your resources on the Digital Marketing Approach.

Marketing is that important part of any business that cannot be ignored at any cost. With the small businesses mushrooming every day with innovative ideas, it has now become more important for the entrepreneurs to invest a fixed amount of money in the marketing alone. In this internet dominated era, for the businesses to stand tall amongst all the competition, they really need to shift their marketing tactics from traditional to something contemporary that attracts users’ attractions.

Today with the advancement of the internet and changes in marketing techniques, businesses really need to buck-up and try something quirky and new every time possible. Sticking on the traditional marketing practices can become cringe someday and people might think that your brand is not up-to-date with the technology.

Let’s get into the debate of why you should avoid traditional marketing approaches and choose digital marketing over it.

  1. Traditional Approach can be More Expensive:

Traditional Marketing approach in most cases are expensive in nature, generally, it includes the broadcast media, print, and direct emails. Companies and marketers use these marketing techniques and create hoardings, newspaper ads, magazine ads, television advertisements, and radio commercials. With this old method of marketing, the information of a brand, product, or service is shared with the audiences to get recognition to increase the sales.

The investment of money in the old traditional marketing approach initially looks worthwhile but there are many disadvantages associated with it that you should definitely look into. The traditional approach is a little bit expensive than digital marketing, as they offer a small return on investment. For instance the newspaper advertisement, the amount will depend on the length and size of it, also it would remain unclear how many people see that advertisement.

The Billboards advertisements- the huge hoarding on the roadside are quite expensive, the cost depends on the size and the location of placing it. Even the broadcasting, telemarketing, magazine advertisement cost too much and the return on investment is very low in this. Therefore the approach is now obsolete as the digital ways are more economic and reach a wide range of target audiences easily.

  1. Traditional Marketing is Slowly Losing its Audience:

Traditional marketing practice is slowly losing its audiences. When you think of having a television advertisement or a newspaper advertisement for your brand, you will have to anticipate people who still watch TV and reads newspapers. Because over the few years things have changed. Television watching has suffered a sharp decline due to various online streaming video platforms, and same goes for newspaper circulation, a gradual decline has been seen with the growing years, people are accessing news online for free.

The audience has shifted to digital media, people reading news online are increasing day-by-day, video streaming platforms are more used than watching TV. The shift from traditional to digital media has changed the way of people consuming Media and News. Therefore the traditional approach of marketing is gradually being phased out in terms of effectiveness and to get back with your audiences you will require the new digital approach, otherwise, you will lag in building your brand value.

  1. The Approach Takes More Time to Process:

In traditional marketing, the execution time is much more as compared to digital marketing. Forgiving ads in newspapers, or making billboards advertisement or distributing pamphlets/flyers, you have to wait for them to create first, then wait for placing hoardings or distributing pamphlets or magazines. Also, you have to prepare the designs in advance before giving it for publishing. Whereas in digital marketing you have to design and put it online(on the website or social media platforms) which takes much less time.

There is one more associated disadvantage of traditional marketing when you require a change in the advertisement the whole process would repeat from designing to printing and placing the distribution, which is a costly process and time-consuming. In new modern techniques, the businesses design their advertisement and post it on social media in a few minutes and if they need to change it they can easily do it without paying extra money, just little editing is required. Digital advertisement can be edited, tested in real-time to give the right information but print media requires time and many edits and once it’s done you can’t go back and edit.

  1. Traditional Marketing Results are Non-Quantifiable:

With the traditional marketing approach, it is difficult for marketers to measure the user viewership, the results are non-measurable, though there are services available for giving you the TV viewership count, again this is just estimated not a proper count. And for billboards advertisements and newspaper ads we cannot tell how many people have seen it or read the advertisement, we can only assume the numbers.  Whereas in digital marketing  we can see the real count of user’s views. Digital media provides us the whole metrics with detailed information from website page visit to final purchase.

  1. Static text

Printed publications like newspapers and magazines use static text for advertisements. Suppose you have given an ad in the newspaper about your product sale and later your stock gets over, in that situation, you cannot edit the ad to let your customers know about the situation and you cannot interact with them instantly, this will result in many unhappy clients. Contrary to the traditional way, digital marketing allows us to update and make changes anytime in our published advertisements.

If the stock is finished then you can post about it or make changes in the previous post to let clients know about it. Updating your clients with the current situation will only help you to make the client relationship stronger which is beneficial for your brand. Also, the digital campaigns are not full of text-only, they are quite informative with pictures, audios, and videos which makes the advertisement more appealing and interesting.

  1. Less Informative:

In business, you deal with many products and services, and information about each product would be different from the rest. Now if we see the traditional approach it is difficult to publish an advertisement for each product, you can only give the necessary information from which the customers will not know about all the products or services you are offering, which makes the traditional approach less informative.

The reason is print media doesn’t offer enough space, for instance, a single product can have various pricing options and different offers for the customers, but it is quite difficult to display the large information in the newspaper due to restricted space. But in the digital marketing approach, you have your own social media pages, you can post information as much as you want. And with detailed information, the customers would be well aware of your brand, products, and services, also you can respond to their queries online which is not possible in the old traditional way of marketing.

  1. Traditional Marketing is temporary:

Traditional marketing tactics have become obsolete because the advertisements cannot be found in magazines, pamphlets, or newspapers after some time. These traditional advertisements are temporary and cannot reach the user once they are finished airing. On the contrary, the content or advertisement you publish online remains on the server forever. It doesn’t get deleted. You can even enhance your ways of advertising and publishing your content online. You can add a video, blog, or a simple post boasting about your products and services. Although the competition is high you can use your creative skills to lead ahead of the race. Consumers would find your advertisement and content online until the moment you do not take that down.

  1. You cannot track your progress in Traditional Marketing:

Technology has advanced and time has passed when you couldn’t analyze your marketing techniques and just follow the hit and trial method for your marketing. Progress of marketing campaigns cannot be tracked in traditional marketing whereas, in online marketing, you can track your marketing campaigns progress and how they are impacting your user base.

You can track your ROI i.e your return on investment. You can know if the investment you have made is getting you any revenue or not. You can check whether your marketing approach is working on a particular platform or not. Then you can decide the best performing marketing approach and ads that trigger your marketing campaign.

  1. Brand Name Endorsement:

In Digital marketing, your brand image definitely gets a good boost because it offers you the chance of having a whole website on the internet. You can have your own blogs or social media accounts where you can share your brand story and write about your products and services. This helps in installing a faith of authenticity in the user’s eye. Hence digital marketing clearly stands ahead in the Brand Development category.


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