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How Artificial intelligence can transform digital marketing in India

Artificial intelligence can be referred to an advanced technology stimulated to think, act, and behave like humans.

Artificial Intelligence, one evolving phenomenon in digital marketing. AI has opened door to enormous options of digital marketing tactics incorporated with the newest technologies of machine learning to save resources and time.

Artificial intelligence has incorporated itself and affected almost all sectors of human life like industrial production, health sector, science, etc. Artificial intelligence has proven its worth in difficult times of pandemic apart from the data analysis, handling enormous data produced daily, automation tasks, etc.

So how does artificial intelligence has raised the bar of digital marketing? Has it benefited the digital marketing industry? Come, let’s find out.

What is artificial marketing?

With time, evolution in data sciences, and analytic solutions have given marketers the ability to anticipate their customer’s next move and improve the customer journey, artificial intelligence does this much more efficiently and quickly.

Today marketers are relying on artificial intelligence for plenty of efforts and if you were postponing your share of it, we have listed, the very reasons why you should start using it and how it affects digital marketing.

  1. Artificial intelligence easily adapts and incorporates in marketing strategies.

Though reluctant at first, marketers have tentatively but started applying artificial intelligence to their marketing moves especially after witnessing big brands using artificial intelligence in their digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence shows products to customers most relevant to their searches and reviews which enhances their experience and increases sales.

2. Artificial intelligence enhances PPC advertising

Artificial intelligence helps in discovering new advertising channels that are not the most commonly used by other competitive brands. AI optimizes targeted advertising platforms.

AI serves in autonomous media buying which involves minimal human input and AI analyzes, manages, and optimizes your paid ad campaign.

3. Artificial Intelligence creates more personalized messaging service for customers

It has always been a struggle for marketers to determine where to place the ads and what individual content to send. AI helps the organization in message tracking and increases analytic capabilities to send personal and customized messages to users according to their preferences at the right time and right place.

4. Artificial intelligence predicts customer behavior more efficiently and gives insights

All that time required to crunch a large amount of data and match customer’s behavior can be reduced by AI and more efficiently. AI creates personalized audience persona based on their geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral sources, past communications, purchase behavior, psychological factors.

AI algorithms identify-

  • Clearly which customer should be included and excluded from which ad campaign.
  • Match customers to the products most likely to use.
  • Better manage the limited stock commodities and customers who tend to return items.

    5. Artificial Intelligence promotes an enhanced chatbot experience

For those not familiar with the name, the chatbot is an AI software tool. It stimulates a human conversation with the customer and helps them find what they are looking for. It reduces the resources, time, and money required in customer support all the while generating more leads. The chatbot works on different platforms and different customers simultaneously which removes the waiting time issue. Chatbots are just not for service interaction but can also be used for quizzes to predict and learn about customer’s preferences.

6. Artificial Intelligence curates Smart email content for customers

Personalized content is much more effective than impersonalized. It’s no news but AI does it for you much more efficiently in less time can be new for you. Your team after hours of compiling and scheduling won’t be able to send personalized emails to every single customer. AI algorithms identify hyper-contextual content to create the one-on-one email content.

AI create these emails based on-

  • Previous website interactions
  • Wish lists
  • Previous brand interactions emails
  • Popular content at the time
  • interest of similar visitor

    7. Artificial Intelligence churn predictions and increases smart customer engagement

AI algorithms identify disengaged segments through predictive models, tests, and data on real customers and take actions accordingly. E.g. quick-churn customers are difficult to engage and late-churn customers are easy to re-engage so they are incentivised through relevant offers, push notifications, emails, etc. churn predictions are different for every company and brand so it needs to be built from the ground focusing on your company data.

8. Artificial Intelligence enhances the performance of your team for better purposes

We have established the fact that AI does tasks like data analysis much faster and with more efficacy. So free your human resources of mundane repetitive tasks and put them to better use so that they can build some of the best marketing strategies for better campaigns, and performance.


Artificial Intelligence is one such phenomenon that cannot be separated from digital marketing in the near future. So, it is the best time that the newbie digital marketers and marketing strategists in the companies adapt to this evolving trend of AI and ace their marketing game. It is not just to benefit your marketing growth but machine learning would also help you in branding your business in the era of technological evolution.

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7 Ecommerce SEO Hacks – Get Traffic on Your Online Store

Do You Want to Increase Your Online Store Traffic? Learn How to Increase Search Traffic

Identify Existing SEO Problems & Fix

As a best digital marketer first thing which we do for our client is SEO Audit of the site. Every site either it is small or big has some onsite problems. But everyone treats their site as a child and they can’t get any problem.

If you found any problem related to onsite, don’t worry there are lots of tools by which you can get all errors and can fix all of them. We can help you to reduce you’re a headache to fix all of them. Take us to guarantee service.

Some tools are here

  1. SEMRush (Paid)
  2. Ahrefs(Paid)
  3. Screaming Frog(Free)

Get our service for Search Engine Optimization. Discuss on Whatsapp

There are some most common errors most people do with their store or website

  1. Duplicate content
  2. Missing Canonical Tags
  3. Deindexed Pages
  4. Duplicate/Missing Title Tags
  5. Duplicate/Missing Meta Description
  6. Broken/404 Pages
  7. Missing Alt Tags

Use Audit tool and fix each and every issue, then run the tool again by yourself or Take Our Service

Good Keywords Suggestions for Your Website

Find Right Keywords and You Can Earn Huge Money From Your Website but The Wrong Keywords can hurt Your Store a Lot

Target Keywords you find for – 

  1. Home Page
  2. Category Page
  3. Product Page

4 things you should consider in your mind

  1. There should be a good search volume for target location
  2. There should be an intent to search keyword
  3. Keywords should relevant to store or category or product
  4. How much competition for the particular keyword

We will help to find relevant keyword. Discuss on Whatsapp or Contact us 

There are 2 approaches to find relevant keywords:

  1. By your own practice
  2. Get from competitors website(Recommended)

How to get competitors keywords

  1. Search on google for the relevant keyword
  2. list down all top 10 results website in excel
  3. Use tools to find all 10 websites keywords
  4. List down all keywords

Note: Listed keywords must be meet 4 points explain earlier

Tools for keywords research

  1. Keywords Planner(Preferable and Free)
  2. SEMRush(Paid)
  3. Ahrefs(Paid)

We can find relevant keywords for you. Contact Us

Create Category Page to Generate More Traffic

For quickest results, optimize your category page

You can optimize your category page by doing these things

  1. The URL
  2. Canonical URL
  3. The Title
  4. Meta Description
  5. H1/H2/H3/ Tags
  6. Textual Content

Hire us to do all the hard work for you

Product Page Optimization

It’s same which we have done for category page optimization, we just need to add these 2 points

  1. Image Optimization
  2. Reviews

The Completion of All these works your store or website onpage foundation will complete. It’s  not an easy task, so be careful or hire professional for SEO Audit

Now Come to the internal link building of your store, which can you 3x more result or money from your online store

3 Strategies to do internal link building

  1. Product Recommendations
  2. Internal link building for category pages
  3. Internal link building for product pages

Note: Don’t refuse internal linking its powerful for your online store

We can do this for your online store. Let’s Discuss

Show Your Site Uniqueness in Search Results

How it will possible to show your site different from others in search engine

It will definitely possible, by using schema.org microdata for your Online store

By using schema.org google will show extra description in the search result for your website. Use Google Tool for This Task

Link Building For E-commerce Website

It’s never be easy if it is an ecommerce store

There are lots of things you can do to do link building

  1. Steal your competitors best backlinks
  2. Import all backlinks in excel manually or use tool Ninja Outreach
  3. Select site those have domain rating more than 60 and page rating of more than 40
  4. Filter them accordingly then open each site in your browser and start to build backlinks there
  5. Do blogging/guest posting
  6. Infographics  distribution
  7. Video Submissions
  8. Social Media Backlink Strategy

This is all for your e-commerce store to hack high rank and flood of traffic in your website. For all these work you can hire professional like us. Contact Here

Thanks For Reading

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The Best Local SEO Company in Jaipur

Local SEO Company Jaipur – Why You Need SEO Services?

Are you still trying to figure out which is most affordable SEO Company Jaipur? Our company Adqnix Techlab Pvt. Ltd. has established itself considerably in Jaipur in contemporary times. We have been doing services that have just not satisfied the needs of our clients but has won their trust at up level. Our offers and qualities have been so high that today we stand tall among the preferred Local SEO companies in Jaipur and we take proud to reach this level. You can rely on us for each and every aspect of SEO and we promise to give you what you desire for. Here in this write-up, we will be discussing our SEO services.

We know how much it matters for your site to appear on the first page of Google search. We use strategy and tactics which aims to bring your website at top search results of Google. As this will ensure your visibility and help your business expand.

What does a Local SEO Company in Jaipur provides?

We as a best affordable SEO Company Jaipur provide Search Engine Optimization services for each and every type of website. Before we discuss and delve deeper into the subject.

Let us inform you that our services are affordable and we work with best consultant and expert in order to provide desired results to our clients.We make use of latest trends and are always aware of what is the latest technique which is dominating SEO market. This is why we are one of the most preferred platforms as our clients have been totally content with the kind of services that we have provided them.

What All Our SEO Services Include

  • Ensure Awareness Of Your Brand

Through our SEO offers, we promote your brand more and more so that the potential customers become aware of your website’s presence in the online world. By this, your business increases and eventually your sales and monetary aspects.

  • Analysing Your Website

Website analysis is essential to do before putting any efforts on your existing website regarding SEO. Our professional team thoroughly analyze your website then finds what your website should include in terms of SEO and what it should exclude. Once the analysis is done, we block and support the SEO practices according to the requirement of your website.

  • Consultation Of SEO

We are not here to blindly pit all the practices that we are aware of regarding SEO. We identify what your website needs and only after a thorough consultation with experts, we begin working on SEO for your site.

  • Manage Your Reputation

We know the importance that a corporate identity and reputation hold in business. Therefore, we put our best abilities in practice to upgrade and elevate your corporate reputation, so that people recognize you with a company that holds the good image.

  • Competitor Analysis

For SEO services and for your business to survive in times of neck to neck competition, we indulge ourselves in aggressive competitor analysis.This helps in getting to know possible threats that your site could have in future.

  • Website Rank Improvement

Higher the ranking of a website, higher is its visibility in the online space. This means that higher rank of website ensures that more and more people are visiting your site and more traffic means more success to your business. Read what else we can do as an SEO Company Jaipur.

Why do we work for on page and off page SEO?

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is simply done to improve the ranking of your site on search engines.

We apply the changes in the codes of your web page like meta tags, internal linking etc. Apart from a thorough research on keywords, we use different and unique keywords to increase the visibility of your site as it is normal that your competition might use the same keywords and due to this no substantial advantage your site receives.

Stuffing your site with keywords blindly can blacklist your site and also put it in the bad light. Therefore, our strategy of using smartly picked up keywords maintains the reputation of your site and keeps its image clean in an online arena. Below are some services that we include n our off-page SEO offers:

Adqnix puts the best title so that it appears relevant to target customers.

Since We maintain the keywords limit and only use unique and prescribed keywords so that your site does not come under the umbrella of black-listed sites.

We use meta tags to add more useful keywords without the risk of stuffing keywords on your site.

Off page SEO

Off-page SEO is also done to improve the ranking of your site but the difference in this method is that the process here is handled with everything done outside of your website.

Some of the practices involved here are blog writing, social networking, online communications etc to promote your site. In this method, the most important thing to keep in mind are the algorithms that Google upgrades time and again because algorithms are responsible for the ranking of a site.

Our team is dedicated to keeping themselves updated with the latest algorithm Google applies and apply these on your site to elevates its ranking.Below are some of the services which we use for off page SEO services.

To increase shares and get exposure for your site, we attach your website to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

  • We provide best reviews which eventually takes your site’s ranking up.
  • We publish and create relevant blog article according to your website.

Last but not least…

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we provide many other services for the best exposure and presence of your website. For instance, we build authority sites which link to your main website,  we employ a plethora of practices for link building etc.

In addition to all this, we provide other services like the logo and graphic designing. Our logo designing is innovative and the professionals make sure that your logo is unique and is completely in synch with your website.

For more assistance, we have graphic designers as well. From font styles to content display, everything is handled with great care by our professionals and they work their best to make your site visually appealing. It is obvious that visually appealing website allures visitors more than a simple looking one.

Local SEO Company in Jaipur
Local SEO Company in Jaipur (Image Credit: Freepik)