Are you proud of your LinkedIn profile? Take this test to find out

LinkedIn is a popular place for people to check you out. Are you embarrassed at what they find? Did you know that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn for finding job candidates? Did you know that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates? Prospective employees also check you out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular platform for prospects and clients to look up your profile. What will they discover?

Your LinkedIn profile and Business Profile can be a valuable career development tool. Are others impressed by your profile? Find out by answering these questions about yourself.

How many connections are you connected on Your LinkedIn profile ?

  1. 500+
  2. 300-500
  3. 200-300
  4. 100-200
  5. Below 100

ANSWER LinkedIn states that you need between 300 and 500 connections to build a strong network. LinkedIn says connections are people you know, work with, attended college with, or have been friends with.

How old are your LinkedIn profile photos?

  1. No older than 6 months
  2. These data were taken in the last 2 years
  3. Ages 3-5
  4. Older than 5 Years
  5. Do not have one

ANSWER LinkedIn claims that a photo gets 21 times as many views than a text. You must upload a recent photo and no more than two years old.

Is your LinkedIn profile photo professional and smiling?

  1. Professionally-looking Photos
  2. It includes a personal photo of me
  3. I just uploaded what I had on my smartphone
  4. Photo, but not smiling
  5. There is no picture

ANSWER Take a high-quality and high-resolution headshot. Use a plain background. You will look happy and engaged.

Have you created a background photo for your LinkedIn profile?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER A background photo is a great way to make your LinkedIn page stand out.

Is your Current Job title your Headline?

  1. Yes
  2. No

This happens automatically. LinkedIn’s headline is the most searched section. You must choose the right keywords, including potential job titles and any credentials such as Corporate Communication or Brand Director. You can also add your industry or tagline about your top abilities or product.

Your Summary or About section should be written in the 1st person.

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER 1st Person is the best writing style. LinkedIn encourages you to share your personality, strengths, and how you interact with others. Note the job title that you want and the best way to connect with employers if you are not employed. If you’re selling a product or service, describe what it is and how it can help others.

Is your work experience limited to the job and company, but not any descriptions?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER : For the listed positions, you will need a job description. You can skip the job description for older jobs that were created more than 15 years ago.

Is your work history filled with accomplishments?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER You should list 3-4 of your greatest accomplishments in each job description.

Have your Skills sections been updated to reflect current skills?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER This section should be up-to-date and reflect your skills over the past few years, and not just focus on skills that you don’t use anymore. I.e. Team Leader vs Team Player

How many suggestions have you received?

  1. 10+
  2. 8-10
  3. 5-7
  4. 3-5
  5. 1-2
  6. None

ANSWER These are highly influential and so it is important to have more. Find out how old they are. Many times, they are missing. Total goal 5-8

Do articles get posted?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Posting 1-2 times per week will dramatically increase your visibility in the LinkedIn Algorithm (how site runs). Answer any questions or comments you receive from your post.

Have you placed an ‘Open for Work” tag around your photo?

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Although LinkedIn claims that this tag increases recruiter responses, many career coaches remain skeptical and do not recommend it. If you’re still employed, don’t use this tag. Your employer may stumble upon it.

Your resume is featured on your Profile.

  1. Yes
  2. No

ANSWER Not recommended and not safe. You want employers to contact you. If your resume is part of your profile, you should delete it.

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Digital marketing in India trends you can’t ignore in 2020

Just like everything extraordinary and beyond understanding was considered out of reach and crazy artificial intelligence and digital marketing faced the same stigma. Well today, in the online era artificial intelligence and digital marketing are the wheels on which your business is ridding. It’s a neck-breaking pace and you need to keep up if you want to remain in the race.

2020 brought lessons with it and here is what we should learn in the fast-moving world where technology and consumer both change neck to neck.

Digital Marketing Trends in India

  1. Artificial knowledge is on the road to becoming new normal

Artificial Intelligence has not only taken on the simplest jobs but has made its way into the marketing world as well. AI is highly efficient, productive, and less time-consuming in analyzing a large amount of consumer data and predicts probable behavior and patterns, and take the required action. AI can also engage customers better

2. Chatbots

This highly stimulating technology will give you an experience of conversing with a human in real-time 24*7. Chatbots are interactive, informative, and gives site visitors instant responses. This removes the problem of waiting time. Chatbots are part of most of the business these days. They also give responses based on the customer’s previous engagements and visits.

3. Personalization of advertising

Personalized advertising makes you stand out and gets a positive response from consumers. Brands like Netflix and Amazon are good examples here. They recommend products solely in the interest of their customers.

4. Shopping through social media

This is a trend which consumers love. It’s easy, quick, and efficient. This is referred to as social commerce and is very effective in increasing sales. It presents your products at a place, customers are visiting out of their choice so they are more open towards buying it

5. Analyzing the consumer sentiment

This involves studying consumer’s sentiment towards a particular product or service generally on social media where consumers can share their views. This algorithm will dredge through your data for online responses.

6. Structured SEO

What? Did you thought or heard that SEO is dead? Ignore all these talks. SEO is like a shapeshifter. In 2020 structured data will dominate the search engine result. Structured data can give an SEO boost. Structured data is any data neatly organized which makes it easier for the search engine to categorize. Structure your data in columns, tables, boxes, etc.

It can also be used to create Rich Snippets, showing an image, review stats, and price.

7. Secondary Social media channels

Social media has a reach that cannot be evaluated at hand or precise. So making attendance at alternative social sites will help in gaining an audience in the long run.

8. Influencer marketing

This is a very effective strategy to gain a primary audience. The social media celebrities or other leaders which relate to your brands can bring audience and attention to your brand by word of mouth advertising. It’s authentic as the niche following of these influencers, trusts their word.

9. Advertising programmatically

AI algorithms increase the efficiency of resources and optimize online advertising campaigns. AI automates your ad buying, placing bid which increases conversions, and customer acquisition decreases. 82.6% of display ads will be automated in the coming year.

10. Visual search

Visual search enhances consumer experience to a new level. It’s easier, precise, and interactive, and highly efficient. Major brands like Google have this tool and it shows. Pinterest is the best example of using this tool it continuously increases its functionality by including QR code, a fully automated shop the look, barcodes, etc.

Marketers can get an edge in competition by using visual search.

11. Interactive Emails

Yes, emails are still a reliable source of advertising. Instead of leaving this old school method revamp it. Make your emails more interactive, personalized, rather than batch-and-blast emails.

12. Video ad engagement

A video ad strategy with an aim in mind can increase your audience. Create the campaign according to your audience and present your brand image in light of what warms up the audience towards you. Give a message with which the audience can relate to.

13. Voice search

Data speaks about the effect of voice search-

  • 50% of searches in 2020 are through voice search
  • 62% of people use smart speakers in their daily routines

Voice search gives relevant information through audio content. With time smart speakers have enhanced their performances and utility.

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How Artificial intelligence can transform digital marketing in India

Artificial intelligence can be referred to an advanced technology stimulated to think, act, and behave like humans.

Artificial Intelligence, one evolving phenomenon in digital marketing. AI has opened door to enormous options of digital marketing tactics incorporated with the newest technologies of machine learning to save resources and time.

Artificial intelligence has incorporated itself and affected almost all sectors of human life like industrial production, health sector, science, etc. Artificial intelligence has proven its worth in difficult times of pandemic apart from the data analysis, handling enormous data produced daily, automation tasks, etc.

So how does artificial intelligence has raised the bar of digital marketing? Has it benefited the digital marketing industry? Come, let’s find out.

What is artificial marketing?

With time, evolution in data sciences, and analytic solutions have given marketers the ability to anticipate their customer’s next move and improve the customer journey, artificial intelligence does this much more efficiently and quickly.

Today marketers are relying on artificial intelligence for plenty of efforts and if you were postponing your share of it, we have listed, the very reasons why you should start using it and how it affects digital marketing.

  1. Artificial intelligence easily adapts and incorporates in marketing strategies.

Though reluctant at first, marketers have tentatively but started applying artificial intelligence to their marketing moves especially after witnessing big brands using artificial intelligence in their digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence shows products to customers most relevant to their searches and reviews which enhances their experience and increases sales.

2. Artificial intelligence enhances PPC advertising

Artificial intelligence helps in discovering new advertising channels that are not the most commonly used by other competitive brands. AI optimizes targeted advertising platforms.

AI serves in autonomous media buying which involves minimal human input and AI analyzes, manages, and optimizes your paid ad campaign.

3. Artificial Intelligence creates more personalized messaging service for customers

It has always been a struggle for marketers to determine where to place the ads and what individual content to send. AI helps the organization in message tracking and increases analytic capabilities to send personal and customized messages to users according to their preferences at the right time and right place.

4. Artificial intelligence predicts customer behavior more efficiently and gives insights

All that time required to crunch a large amount of data and match customer’s behavior can be reduced by AI and more efficiently. AI creates personalized audience persona based on their geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral sources, past communications, purchase behavior, psychological factors.

AI algorithms identify-

  • Clearly which customer should be included and excluded from which ad campaign.
  • Match customers to the products most likely to use.
  • Better manage the limited stock commodities and customers who tend to return items.

    5. Artificial Intelligence promotes an enhanced chatbot experience

For those not familiar with the name, the chatbot is an AI software tool. It stimulates a human conversation with the customer and helps them find what they are looking for. It reduces the resources, time, and money required in customer support all the while generating more leads. The chatbot works on different platforms and different customers simultaneously which removes the waiting time issue. Chatbots are just not for service interaction but can also be used for quizzes to predict and learn about customer’s preferences.

6. Artificial Intelligence curates Smart email content for customers

Personalized content is much more effective than impersonalized. It’s no news but AI does it for you much more efficiently in less time can be new for you. Your team after hours of compiling and scheduling won’t be able to send personalized emails to every single customer. AI algorithms identify hyper-contextual content to create the one-on-one email content.

AI create these emails based on-

  • Previous website interactions
  • Wish lists
  • Previous brand interactions emails
  • Popular content at the time
  • interest of similar visitor

    7. Artificial Intelligence churn predictions and increases smart customer engagement

AI algorithms identify disengaged segments through predictive models, tests, and data on real customers and take actions accordingly. E.g. quick-churn customers are difficult to engage and late-churn customers are easy to re-engage so they are incentivised through relevant offers, push notifications, emails, etc. churn predictions are different for every company and brand so it needs to be built from the ground focusing on your company data.

8. Artificial Intelligence enhances the performance of your team for better purposes

We have established the fact that AI does tasks like data analysis much faster and with more efficacy. So free your human resources of mundane repetitive tasks and put them to better use so that they can build some of the best marketing strategies for better campaigns, and performance.


Artificial Intelligence is one such phenomenon that cannot be separated from digital marketing in the near future. So, it is the best time that the newbie digital marketers and marketing strategists in the companies adapt to this evolving trend of AI and ace their marketing game. It is not just to benefit your marketing growth but machine learning would also help you in branding your business in the era of technological evolution.

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Latest Information About Covid 19

What is Coronavirus(Covid 2019)

COVID 19 is an infectious disease by a newly founded coronavirus. Commonly Symptoms Are:
1. Fever
2. Dry Cough
3. Breathing Difficulty
4. Some Patients also feel aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea.

This Noval Corona Virus Spread From Wuhan, China. Now They Almost Recovered From This and No New Cases Discovered. But Its Worst in Italy, USA, Spain in Many Countries. Now this virus spreading in India.

About 80% of confirmed cases recover from the disease without any serious complications. However, one out of every six people who gets COVID-19 can become seriously ill* and develop difficulty in breathing. In more severe cases, infection can cause severe pneumonia and other complications which can be treated only at higher level facilities (District Hospitals and above). In a few cases it may even cause death.

* Source: WHO

How does coronavirus(COVID-19) spread?

COVID-19 spreads mainly by droplets produced as a result of coughing or sneezing of a COVID-19 infected person. This can happen in two ways:

  1. Direct close contact: one can get the infection by being in close contact with COVID-19 patients (within one Metre of the infected person), especially if they do not cover their face when coughing or sneezing.
  2. Indirect contact: the droplets survive on surfaces and clothes for many days. Therefore, touching any such infected surface or cloth and then touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes can transmit the disease.
  3. The incubation period of COVID 19 (time between getting the infection and showing symptoms) is 1 to 14 days
  4. Some people with the infection, but without any serious symptoms can also spread the disease.

Which group of people are at higher risk of getting infected?

  1. People who have travelled to other countries in last 14 days and their family members.
  2. People coming from other states if they have been working with people who travelled to other countries in last 14 days.
  3. Family members and contacts of patients confirmed to have COVID-19 .
  4. People older than 60 years of age and people with medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory disease/asthma, cancer or diabetes are at higher risk for developing serious complications..

Key messages to spread for prevention of coronavirus(COVID-19)

  1. How to avoid getting COVID-19 or spreading it?
  • Avoid gathering in public places.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter
  • Stay at Home as much as possible
  • Avoid Physical contact like handshakes, hugs, hand holdings etc.
  • Avoid touching surfaces such as tabletops, chairs, door handles etc.
  • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water
  • While coughing or sneezing cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief. Wash the handkerchief at least everytime
  • It is preferable to cough/sneeze into your bent elbow rather than your palms.
  • Do not Spit or shout in public places to avoid the spread of droplets
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands.

2. What to do if you are having symptoms or have traveled to other countries or states in the past two weeks?

  • Symptoms of coronavirus(COVID 19) and seasonal respiratory illness (common cold/flu) are similar. All people with these symptoms may not have COVID 19.
  • Following persons should be quarantined for 14 days at home as a precaution:
  1. People who have travelled to COVID 19 affected countries/areas in past 14 days
  2. Those who have come in close contact with a suspected/confirmed COVID 19 patient
  3. Those who develop symptoms
  • These persons should inform you. If symptoms become severe then the person should visit a health facility after speaking with you

For any COVID 19 related queries, call your State Helpline/Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s 24X7 helpline at 1075 or 011-23978046.

Instructions for the person being Home Quarantined

  • Stay in a separate room at home, if possible with an attached/separate toilet. Try to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from others
  • Wear a mask at all times. If masks are not available, take a clean cotton cloth , fold it into a double layer and tie it on your face to cover your nose and mouth
  • Use separate dishes, towels, bedding etc. which should be cleaned separately
  • The surfaces such as floor, table tops, chairs, door handles etc. should be cleaned at least once a day
  • Make sure that only one assigned family member is the caretaker

Instructions for the caretaker of the Home Quarantined person:

  • Keep a distance of one metre when entering the room
  • Wear a mask or cover your face with double-layered cotton cloth
  • Wash your hands after coming out of the room

How to use masks (or cloth covering the nose and mouth)

  • Wash your hands before putting on the mask
  • Make sure that it covers both mouth and nose and is not loose.
  • Do not touch the mask from the front, touch only from the sides.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after changing the mask
  • Change the mask every 6-8 hours or when it becomes moist
  • If using disposable masks, have a dustbin with cover and a plastic bag lining to throw the masks in.
  • If using cloth masks, wash them at least daily

Myths vs. reality for COVID-19

As COVID-19 is a new condition, there are many common myths.

The coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes The coronavirus CANNOT be transmitted through mosquito bites.
Everyone should wear a mask People who should wear a mask are:
1. Those having symptom of fever, cough etc.
2. Healthcare workers in facilities caring for ill people
3. The assigned caretaker of a home quarantined person
4. Even those wearing masks should wash their hands frequently
Only people with symptoms of COVID-19 can spread the disease Even people with the COVID-19 infection but no symptoms can spread the disease.
Eating garlic and drinking alcohol can prevent COVID 19 Eating garlic and drinking alcohol DOES NOT prevent COVID 19
Source:  Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India 

Latest Data on Corona Available Here

Corona 2019 India Data

5 Rock Solid Outsourcing Tips To Ensure Success

In this rushing world of new businesses blooming each day, companies tend to look for indigenous ways to expand their business and accomplish their business goals by spending less money. One of the powerful strategies that have worked for companies is outsourcing their work to the skilled and talented partners to ensure that the work is completed successfully in least possible amount spent by the external service providers.

 The words “outsourcing” and “re-appropriating” incite various contemplations in various individuals. For some it’s a characteristic part of globalization and development, while others may discover them as compromising, expanded multifaceted nature, and decrease in nature of item or administrations.

Off-shoring business procedures can plant the seeds of incredible advantages for your business, for example, diminished operational costs, access to space specialists, and readiness and versatility to adjust the procedure according to the prerequisites.

In any case, the characteristic dangers related with outsourcing like vulnerability about how the work is completing, incapable to oversee seaward group like an on location group, venture delay, and so forth consistently settle on the leaders reexamine about their re-appropriating needs.

Outsourcing is a business practice in which administrations or employment capacities are cultivated out to an outsider. In data innovation, an outsourcing activity with an innovation supplier can include a scope of tasks, from the total of the IT capacity to discrete, effectively characterized segments, for example, catastrophe recuperation, arrange administrations, programming improvement or QA testing.

Organizations may outsource IT benefits coastal (inside their very own nation), near shore (to a neighboring nation or one in a similar time zone), or seaward (to a progressively removed nation). Near shore and seaward re-appropriating have customarily been sought after to spare expenses.

Here are some of the simple outsourcing tips to ensure success and avoid pitfalls in your business industry:

1. Get a Reasonable Goal


One of the most pivotal thing to step into outsourcing is defining a reasonable goal. An effective off-shoring technique starts with an obviously characterized destinations and quantifiable objectives. Discover why you need to redistribute, mirror its business esteem, and build up a working system for basic leadership, for example, which merchant to work with, which process/undertaking to re-appropriate, which re-appropriating models to utilize, and so on. Clear and characterized destinations help you to assess the achievement of your technique and quantifiable objectives are the practical measurements helping you to screen advance, take restorative activities, and anticipate future execution.

2. Tally Costs

Tally Costs

One of the prime motivations to re-appropriate is to decrease current expenses. In any case, business pioneers consistently think about that there are shrouded costs in re-appropriating. It’s very simple to think little of the genuine expense of off-shoring when there’s a steady weight of chopping down the expense by putting your costly work jobs seaward. Concealed costs will in general range from 16 to 50 percent of the outsourcing contract itself and now and again much more. There are costs identified with choosing the correct merchant, changing the work and refining process, preparing seaward staff and the sky is the limit from there.

3. Make a Forceful Hazard Alleviation Plan

Alleviation Plan

A dexterous and versatile hazard relief plan is intensive, very much idea out and sets aside some effort to deliver and oversee, however it merits the venture. Today, it is basically insufficient to simply having a rundown of potential dangers and knows that things may turn out badly. Or maybe, business pioneers need to organize and forcefully deal with the dangers, stay up with the latest, effectively screen hazard advancement, go for broke proactive activities to keep away from dangers from getting emerged and in the event that they do happen, act rapidly to relieve the effect.

4. Begin Gradually and Develop Bit by Bit

Develop Bit by Bit

Regularly, leaders will in general surge and put their whole business basic procedure on the seaward group as they are constrained to accomplish colossal profit for their first task. In any case, how rapidly to push ahead with re-appropriating ought to be dictated by the achievement pace of each after task. Begin little with a solitary and very much characterized pilot venture. It decreases the underlying dangers, enabling seaward and coastal group to get acclimated with the changes.

5. Make an abnormal state of correspondence straightforwardness


Correspondence hole between an organization and the merchant is frequently the purpose for re-appropriating disappointment. When you are re-appropriating request that the merchant keep you told at each stage. Guarantee that you have an immediate access to the abroad group just as the administration. Indeed, even little issues can develop and end up basic business issues that further lead to postpone in expectations and expanded expenses.

Off-shoring and re-appropriating have been portions of business globalization throughout recent decades. While there are entanglements and troubles of off-shoring business process/es, the potential advantages far exceed the dangers. Achievement isn’t just inside the span of organizations that have not yet utilized the advantages of redistributing, but on the other hand it’s for organizations that have pursued the previously mentioned rules.

The business case for outsourcing fluctuates by circumstance; however the advantages of re-appropriating frequently incorporate at least one of the accompanying:

  • Lower costs (because of economies of scale or lower work rates)
  • Expanded proficiency
  • Variable limit
  • Expanded spotlight on methodology/center skills
  • Access to aptitudes or assets
  • Expanded adaptability to meet changing business and business conditions
  • Quickened time to showcase
  • Lower continuous interest in inward foundation
  • Access to development, protected innovation, and thought initiative
  • Conceivable money deluge coming about because of exchange of advantages for the new supplier

A portion of the dangers of outsourcing include:

  • Slower turnaround time
  • Absence of business or area Lear
  • Language and social boundaries
  • Time zone contrasts
  • Absence of control

Some points to keep in mind before choosing a specialist Company:

Choosing a specialist company is a troublesome choice. Yet, begin by understanding that nobody outsourcer will be an accurate met for your requirements. Exchange offs will be fundamental.

To settle on an educated choice, articulate what you need from the re-appropriating relationship to separate the most significant criteria you look for in a specialist organization. It’s essential to make sense of this before requesting any outsourcers, as they will without a doubt come in with their own thoughts of what’s best for your association, in light of alone capacities and qualities.

5 Reason You Need to Start Doing Video Marketing

Marketing is nothing just a relation between the products/brands and customers. Marketing helps you to sell your products to customers. Product, Cost, Price, Affordability, Awareness, Promotion, Communication, Place, Packaging, Accessibility, Positioning and People, these are some of the main aims of the marketing.

None of the users goes beyond the first page of Google search to find the relevant result. And getting your website rank highest and shine on the first page of Google Search Result or any other Search Engine Result is something to assure that your digital marketing is going well.

1. Social Platform Users are obsessed with Videos:

In the current era of digitization, around 63% of business starts with video marketing. It is very helpful, as it is easy to share. On social media sites, 55% of peoples watch videos every day. It is not important that your product/brand’s video goes viral, important is that peoples see your video and share if they like it. People get connected with some emotional videos and share if all over their networks.

92% of peoples daily see videos on their laptops and also smartphones, but not only watching them also share the videos. And the icing on the cake is an Autoplay button, from which you can grab attention towards your video very easily.

The best marketing video timing on some social sites are
  • A. YouTube – 2 minutes
  • B. Facebook – 1 minute
  • C. Twitter – 45 Seconds
  • D. Instagram – 30 seconds

And people still wonder where time flies in the modern day’s era.

2. A video would give an edge to your SEO/ROI:

Video marketing is kind of a golden egg. If you want your product to BOOM the market and to get more traffic on your website, and also to get better search rankings, then this the way. As a probable buyer is only made by the traffic which is on best search engine and that is GOOGLE, and another is YouTube which is also owned by GOOGLE.

The wait is over and gets started to climb on the ladder of search ranking. A lot of business owners have admitted that videos have provided them with a good return. Though this art of video making ain’t cheap. But with the advancement in technology, it has become so easy to get video editing tools at low prices and certain are free as well. Though one can still film a decent video through your smartphone itself.

3. Videos Help to drive Organic Traffic:

Everyone knows after youtube being completely owned by Google will surely have some repercussions in the marketing and branding of the products as well. We all die-heartedly strive for getting displayed on the first page of Google Search Results.

And in that run, we must know that in the coming years, Videos would become the strongest armor to earn high ranks in Organic Searches. For an initial start, you can try using keywords more often in the title and then focus on the description. This will help you get a higher organic ranking. To get more traffic you can even start embedding your website in all sorts of blogs and social media pages as possible.

4. Video Marketing is a boon to increase your Sales and Conversion Rate:

You wake up and you need to make money! If video making is taken seriously it can become some serious source of income. Informative videos and product describing videos are the ones which get more of the clicks. Studies have shown that more than 70% of people who watch such informative product review videos they end up buying the stuff eventually. So why are you still waiting to start enhancing your video editing and crafting skills and start earning money?

5. Video Marketing helps build trust:

One needs to gain the trust of the viewer in order to make the viewer a consistent follower of your work. And for that policy to work one needs to make genuine and legit content. This will make you have a long term relation with your viewer. For that, to work you need to start with providing good informative content and stop selling it cause people might just ain’t here for buying it.

A video has even a better way of interaction with people. It engages and ignites emotion amongst people. YouTube today has become the most powerful weapon amongst us. It is used in a broad spectrum for branding and marketing products. So, if you are serious about your work in content making then make sure your videos are genuine enough.

In conclusion, all I can say is if you ain’t using video to spread your content then maybe it is time for you to switch to video mode. It has even a broader media approach which might end up in resulting in more distribution of the information you want to outcast.

Tips For Helping Your E-Commerce website Compete With Giants

No one stands against the Mountain but Oberyn Martell did, this is something that happened in Game Of Thrones though completely hypothetical. No one remembers how brave he was there in the battlefield but he sure did made us realize that all it takes is that one impulsive decision and a lot of hard work and potential to make it through in the world of giants.

In an E-commerce website, business is not so easy, especially without a piece of proper knowledge and planning. For sharing your products and services, the internet is a great platform for small scale businesses by which one can share with the world.

If you want to compete with the other e-commerce business owners or big boys with their so popular and hyped websites, then not only comprehensive planning but research is necessary. As per the 180 companies tracked by eMarketer, the total annual retail e-commerce sales make is around $201 billion. out of which the top 25 retailers itself account for about 80%, which is exactly $159 billion which surely helps put things into perspective and provide us with a more clear image. 

As we can all know how Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Apple have taken the top 3 spots and their revenue is partly related to their advertising budget.

1. Research is just the Homework

This first and the most important amongst all, as you will be competing with those you might have never even heard of and to keep their identity still anonymous in the market you have to do the homework i.e. the Research.

Firstly you have to do all the research related to your competitors and the industry in which you want to work. The more you know the better you tend to plan for your business.

2. Masters in Niche

After doing a good amount of research it’s time for you to think about in which category or genre or field you want to step your foot in. If you are a newbie then go for products which have a high commission and low-risk factor.

Hard work always pays-off”, but here hard work will not be good enough as some of them out there are also doing the same as you and selling that product as you with a lower price. So for good profit focus either on a good quality product or with a low price along with great customer service.

3. Paid Advertisement

Some of you may be using your e-commerce site as a platform to sell advertisement space to other brands. Don’t do it. If you have a small business then focus on free options. This begins with your active accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Explore more opportunities with some more niche communities/organization, try to be more active on sites, try interacting with more people, and practically about every product.

4. Attractive Website

Just create a beautiful attractive and well-maintained website. To improve your ranking only post relevant feeds to be posted. This will surely improve your search engine ranking after a certain period of time.

After some time, let’s say every week you just go through all site’s pages just to make sure that you don’t miss a chance of making some big changes. Even major search engine changes can also affect your site’s visibility. Too many menu categories will confuse the consumer, preventing them from finding what they’re looking for. After all the less is more concept just applies everywhere I guess.

5. Customer Service

Try connecting Personally with as many customers as possible. Smaller businesses have low availability of opportunities where they can prove themselves worth a good relation with a customer relating to products.

Whereas it is just the reverse in case of large and big businesses. In small businesses, even a small order plays a vital role in doing business and also in promoting it, and if it’s a large order then a quick email should be written to those who had placed the order. thus, building a genuine connection with the buyer.

When customer complaints eventually come up, they should never be swept under the rug. Answering their questions effectively can persuade buyers to choose your store even more when evaluating purchasing options. Don’t keep customers on hold. 

Amazon can’t offer a one-on-one customer service experience as you can. This will build a relationship with your customers and the loyalty will surely pay off. More than half of online shoppers believe premium packaging means a brand is more upscale.

Just with a little planning, you can easily compete with some of the biggest companies easily with making your proportion of desired profits. Just make sure that you are leading with proper and good research and planning with good customer support service. If you can’t beat them, join them; use them as your platform to get additional exposure for your brand.

Nothing is impossible, if you have the ability to compete with the giants of E-commerce then that’s appreciable. It might be some sort of intimidating but not impossible. They all are like big box stores, they have money and resources both which are not available at small businesses like yours but that doesn’t mean you can’t win. You can still stand in front of the biggest e-commerce giant.

Learn Why Technology Platforms are Important While Building Your Website

As technology has taken deep root in our day to day lives, we are just a click away from grabbing information about that product being rated as the top one and the other one not at par. Every new firm today wants to be seen online through recommendations, customer feedbacks, backlinks, and social media platforms. We have a variety of mediums to make ourselves visible, but to reach that mark in the virtual world, a lot of technical expertise is required.

We are a generation of tech-savvy people, who prefer every other information through the company’s official website. That is why your website makes your first impression in the eyes of your customer and as they say, this first impression is your last impression. You want to make the best out of it which only comes when you incorporate technology platforms in your website.

1.    Visibility

Your company might be offering a variety of services and offers to the customers, but if your website is not designed in a structured manner, then any customer would not be willing to navigate through such a disorganized website. Starting from your logo which briefly symbolizes your company to the front-end featuring your services, every visual has its own impact. Technical experts having knowledge on HTML, Cascading style sheets help you organize everything that is visible. Technology takes into account the type of content that needs to be shown like pictures, videos, presentations, etc and depending on that, it applies the code, thus making the tedious task of spacing an easy ride.

2.    Functionality-

Your website would be of no use if its back-end is not fully functional with your front-end. If you show service on your website but it is not working, then it would be a question to your credibility and you do not want to fall in that trap. There are advanced technologies available to manage your functionality in the most cost-efficient way.

3.    Database management-

As your reach to customer increases day by day, more and more data gets stored daily. Also, your services and offers keep on increasing with changing trends. If you are unable to manage data effectively, it can lead to huge security issues. Technical experts have a thorough knowledge of servers that can store your data, and SSL certificates that can protect the data from hackers. Let technology take its course under the supervision of an expert while you sit back.

4.    Mobile Applications-

Facts point out that more and more people search sites through mobile devices. In such cases, you need to create an application that showcases your website as easily accessible, and faster navigation. With new advances in technology, you cannot afford to just be on the web as it would drag you a step behind your peers.

5.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-

Starting from code of your website to the content that is visible, everything is being crawled by search engine spiders deciding the rank of your website. There are platforms available to make clean codes but it requires technical knowledge on your part. If you have a good ranking, it would help you garner a huge number of customers, meaning a good return on your investment.

6.    Social media Integration-

With increasing platforms of user interaction, mediums for your website being referred also multiplies. In such a time, you need to integrate your website to different platforms and update information on each, depending on the user base for that particular platform. Technology tools are available that can refresh your feed daily, and automating your tasks on them, preventing you from doing the same. This can save your time along with consistency which can yield profitable results.

7.    Customer feedbacks-

Keeping track of usage of your product from customers can be very engaging and a platform for mouth publicity. Incorporating customer review section on your website through effective technology usage can handle all positive, negative and spam comments by using captcha tests, which is a must in today’s times. You have to include these review and testimonials on your website to increase your credibility.

8.    Tracking customers-

With booming data analytics and webmaster tools, technology can help you track users who have viewed your website, products, or have used a service in the past. You can then send notifications through advertisements, which will bring their attention back to your website. It is a very effective method as you have already identified your customers but only need to remind them.

9.    Originality in content-

Everything that you put on your website should be cent-percent original, otherwise, Google will track those lines and charge penalties by reducing your ranking. You cannot afford to be part of such a mistake. There are technology platforms available to keep you updated as to what and when to change the content on an immediate basis.

10.    Navigation-

Your website should offer services that are easily navigable, and accessible. If the time of loading a particular service exceeds a few seconds, your user base can get agitated and may never want to visit your site again. In order to ensure that this does not happen to you, a well-coded website with reliable server works.

Creating a website can seem easy at first, but maintaining it at pace with a time of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is a daunting task. Without using technology platforms on your website, you are failing in your business daily by missing out on a number of mediums to reach more customers. If you can use technology in the right way to your advantage, you can set milestones within no time.

10 Checklist Points Before Engaging In Social Media Marketing – 2019 Report

Social media has led today’s’ youth generation to some very strange places in social networks. Billions of people around the world use social media to share information and to make connections. It is a useful space both on a personal level as well as professional level. At a personal level, you can connect with friends and family.

On a professional level, you can use social media to broaden your knowledge in a particular field, build your profession a network by connecting with other professionals in your industry and also market your company into a brand. Social media also allows you to have a conversation with your audience, gain customer feedback, and elevate your brand. When used properly, social media can be a valuable addition to market your business.  

If you feel that setting up many social accounts on the internet is all you need to do for your social media marketing then wait cause you are highly mistaken. This perception of yours about social media marketing won’t help in your mission and instead, it would waste more of your money and resources. To save you all the time and trouble here is a    list of things to follow for successful social media marketing for your business.  

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
10 steps before engaging in Social Media Marketing: 

1. Pick Your Social Media Handle

It is difficult to decide on a perfect space for your business. There are various platforms in this space and it is a tough job to choose a perfect platform for your business.

Here is a quick overview of various major social media platforms from which you can choose. Twitter is a solid starting point for various small as well as big businesses. It helps you to interact directly with your followers and improve your business eventually. With the help of basic hashtag knowledge and tagging, Twitter is an amazing platform for your company. 

Facebook: Undoubtedly it is the biggest name in the social media space and helps you grow your page through platforms if you are okay with the paid platforms. It helps you to target your local customers.

Instagram: It is a space which is centered on the visual content. It only helps you to share pictures. So it is a major hub for influencers, e-commerce shops. It encourages people to be more creative.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a network laser-focused on business trends and networking. Although most business profiles primarily belong to startups, LinkedIn is a goldmine for anyone networking in the B2B space. Looking to get in touch with an influencer marketing manager or CEO? Chances are you can find them here.

2. Design a Basic Strategy 

Elect your technically sound employee to brainstorm a proper social media marketing strategy and form a roadmap which will help in tuning the shortcoming marketing campaign. State your objectives wisely and go one at a time. Don’t try and aim for all the objectives in one go. Big things take time to happen. So focus and be precise about your strategies. A good strategy, ample time and complete resources will help you grow the business. 

3. Learn about your brand temperament 

Research is stepping stone to start something new. You should never stop your process of researching. You should one settle for a theme with completely suits your brand. Mindlessly going in the market with any particular direction will surely cost you struggle in this competitive world. Once when you are settled for a theme, all your color coordination and design should be as per the concept.

One must not continuously hop from one thing to another. Settle for a theme, research, form designs and if you are still not satisfied then research again and form a theme.

4.  Budgeting your Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing also incurs expenses.  Assign a fixed amount of money to be spent in your project and then make plans which do not hit your budget hard. You can use google ads and also the Facebook Ad platform for your business but you should always target wisely.

These platforms also help you with the local audience which in turn can turn in to a lead. This will help you promote your business on a global level and will help you grow eventually. If you focus properly then it will also help you optimize your budget.

5. Set up a Social Media Staff Force 

Social Media is one such platform which never sleeps. It is time-consuming as well as resource consuming. So to set up a proper team for the marketing of your business will help you to understand and work on the campaign wisely. This will be a basic step towards successful Social media marketing.

6. Follow fellow businesses, brands, and prospect:

Following others shows that you’re an active participant in the social space versus a profile that’s just blasting its own content. Follow other professionals and profiles so that you have an idea of what people are posting. This will also help you to build an influential relationship. Don’t hesitate in doing extra to make conversation with your clients online. Collectively, they will help build your community.

7. Measure your growth

You should keep a check of the increase in the number of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter is an indicator of your campaign’s health. You should keep track of your on-growing relationship and traffic that comes from all your social platforms. They are proof of your campaign’s success.

8. Connecting offline and online marketing

Offline events are powerful conversion tools when geared the proper and relevant way. It also means that there should be public relation of the web as well. The news and updates of all your activities should be updated on the social media platform as well.

9. Assemble your content properly 

Consistency and quality content is the key to success. The content should be specific to advertise the brand’s message and should be practical that the audience can connect to it.

10. Promote your social channels

When all your social media platforms are settled, the next step is to promote your channels so that your followers can be increased. You want more people to follow you. You can also include various different things like a newsletter, cross-promotion between different platforms etc.

Get started with a social media company that actually fulfills the current algorithms and social media rules, also gives you improved social platform reach and results.

3 Things to Know Why You Need to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Digital marketing is proving to be the most effective, affordable and engaging marketing tool that every company is trying to use in the best possible way.

Companies earn the utmost profits from digital marketing because it uses ways to engage and influence users within no time. While, digital marketing campaigns use a comprehensive strategy to reach out to customers with proper planning, targeting and segmenting them based on their inclination towards the company’s products.

It would appear to be an easy task and might be done without the help of experts. But the question is would it be the best possible way to leave your mark in the industry? Would taking the time to learn the tactics leave you behind in the race? You need to decide that based on the 3 things to know why you need to outsource digital marketing campaigns described below:

1)    Rising Competition at a Fast Pace

Outsource Digital Marketing

When everything is getting digital, the market has become more fair and transparent for both newcomers and longstanding markets. It could be a reason for your worry or happiness depending on where you are on the ladder. But what is challenging for both is to win the trust of today’s generation as someone else is always one step ahead of you.


If you have a long standing in the market but have stagnated because of your inability to tap a new range of customers, digital marketing campaigns would be the best medium for increasing your circle.

But handling it on your own would again take you back in the business as you are already behind in the digital race, and choosing to do everything on your own would waste more of your time while your competitors would have gone one step ahead. You cannot afford such a mistake.


If you have started getting comfortable in your business or have just stepped in, then you have a lot of competition already way ahead of you. Rather than beating that, handling digital marketing campaigns could prove to be a blunder for you.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old one, outsourcing your digital marketing campaigns to experts would be your best solution as they have all the time to keep an eye on your competitors, and to make sure your customers stay loyal to you in the long run.

2)    Changing Market Trends-

With new technologies reaching to markets daily, you cannot think of sticking to one plan. You have to innovate and implement daily so as to make it more exciting for your customers on a daily basis. You might be thinking of solutions like:

•    You can stay updated daily –

This would demand both your money and time, which you cannot afford to lose when you have a lot of other important business decisions waiting to be looked upon.

•    You can hire a team of workers-

This would need an initial investment and time, and there are chances of failed delivery as digital marketing campaigns need a strategic implementation where loopholes at any step could lead to huge losses at the end.

•    You can choose to outsource-

This would be the most suitable option as outsourcing to experts would turn to be the most effective and credible option that you could seek. As they take your projects, they have to invariably update themselves with current marketing trends and implement the same strategies so as to deliver the best results.

3)    Better Time and Money Utilization-

When you outsource for digital marketing campaigns of your company, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Usually, when you jump into recognizing your customers, targeting them through campaigns and reaching out to more customers, you forget about the innovations and new touches that your business needs in the first place.

Outsource Digital Marketing

And by devoting your time in this arena, you lose out on the basic growth that your company needs from time to time, leading to setbacks in business. You cannot afford to lose your time on it when you have a better option of investing in an outsourcing company which will take care of digital marketing campaigns better than you can.

Also, money plays a crucial role in your business. When you compare the resources and workforce that you use in digital marketing when you do it on your own than when you outsource it, the difference turns out to be huge.

Outsourcing would do a more effective and optimized job within a limited budget.

All your competitors are making use of outsourcing digital marketing campaigns as they understand the demand and need for out of the box thinking which comes from experts.

They have expertise and experience in this business for so long which leaves you with fewer chances of error. All you have to do is search for the right outsourcing company.