With an enormous amount of money gushing into the travel and tourism industry, there is no doubt about how the tourism industry would bloom in 2020 and further. People are quite obsessed with traveling the globe and witnessing different cultures.

But the story doesn’t end here. With the increase in travel enthusiasts and the growth of the travel industry, there are many new brands and agencies mushrooming in the market and providing cheap travel deals to the users. The travel industry is focused on converting clients just by promotional advertisements and low funnel advertisement techniques that would get rotten very soon.

You need to buck up and put your best foot forward to stay ahead of your competitors. For all the travel agencies who have been looking for the best promotional techniques to deploy in their digital marketing in the coming years, here is a small guide and tips about how you can excel and carve the best position for your company. After all, you need to maintain long-term growth and enhance your brand loyalty among your audience.

Best promotional techniques travel agencies can deploy in upcoming years:

Great content for your audience:

We hear it every time that content is King of Digital Marketing but do we really understand and use it? Once you start applying it practically then you will see the results. Quality content on your website not only attracts a lot of visitors to the website but it also helps in enhancing your SEO. It is your job to offer great content to your audience because they read and imagine what you have written.
A beautiful description with correct and useful information is what a traveler wants. Make sure you deliver the right information, your words should match with your actions too, great content with low-quality service can damage your reputation online. Therefore write only what you can offer. For suggestions you can use online data, know about what is in trend, people choose destinations according to weather, so timely update the content accordingly. Also, make it real, don’t just fill the pages with mere words. Right the true stories, the real experiences, and it will surely draw a lot of attention!

Good looks- Attracts Eyes

The same as content goes for websites. Good web design can attract a thousand eyes. A finely designed website works as a mute advertiser which silently exhibits to the users what you have got to offer them.
Suppose you have put great content, applied a great strategy, strategic campaigns but what if your website has poor designing, trust me it will not work the way you have planned.

A simple mistake can cost you a lot. Despite putting great things on the website, you will gain no customers with a poorly designed website. Talk to your designers and developers, tell them how you want the website look like so that it can look attractive and hold the visitors’ eyes. Color combination also plays a major role, as they depict emotions. Your designer should know how to play with them.

How are Your Social Media Pages Doing?

The best way to let people know what current trips you are conducting is through your social media pages. Facebook, Youtube, and now Instagram have made it so easy to reach a huge crowd with just one post. Your travel agency’s social media account should be active with new posts and information regularly.

Post relevant content, story highlights with amazing pictures of a trip, destination pictures will allure the travel enthusiast. You can post beautiful pictures with a caption that makes a person feel to pack their bags and go on a trip. Add small videos highlighting the fun activities of a holiday destination. Post about your upcoming trips. Provide some offers and discounts timely.

Another advantage of social media is that you can hear from your audience, ask them what they want, get their feedback, because the more you get engaged with your audience the more they rely on your brand. This is how relationships can be strengthened with the audience.

Loyalty Programs Are a Must

For those you have not heard it before, the Loyalty Program is a strategy to encourage the customers of a brand to continue their purchase or use of service. You can offer special discount coupons or some free merchandise to your old customers. Generally, a user registers their basic information with a travel company, and they are provided with a unique identifier, by which they can make their purchasing(traveling). A company can use this information to reach them again, offering some interesting offers which they can’t ignore. It is the easiest way to allure your travel enthusiast customers.

Email Marketing:

You already have the email address of your old clients in your database. Use them wisely because the email client conversion rate is higher than search and social media posts.

What you can do is add a subscription form on your website. When the website visitors subscribe to your newsletter, you will get their email address and hence you can provide them with useful information regarding your upcoming services, offers, etc. Upcoming trips or events news offers, and coupons can be published. Sometimes you can publish news-letters giving detailed tourism package.

Do not spam the customer’s email box. There is a high probability that they will unsubscribe to your service. People subscribed to know about useful things. Therefore share only attractive offers and alluring traveling destinations. You can also set up automated replies on emails based on interactions, it is helpful for both the parties.