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Can local SEO help my business? find out here

Local SEO lets your business rank above your competitors in Google Maps and local listings. SEO for local businesses is a must-have part of any marketing strategy. You can use technical SEO, content marketing, and off-page SEO to rank in the Local Pack of Google and other search engines for local keywords.

The great thing about local SEO is that you can drive organic traffic to your website and store by optimizing your online presence around your ideal customers. Local SEO marketing focuses on building your presence near the physical location of your store, or your service area.

Google Local SEO is a powerful piece of your business marketing strategy if you want to attract new customers. But what benefits can local SEO provide your business? Well, that’s a great question so let’s dive right in and look at the benefits of local search engine marketing!

What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO?

If your business relies on foot traffic or leads from customers in a physical location, then local SEO marketing is the right choice for your business. Whether you are a small boutique retail shop or a large company with multiple locations, there are many business opportunities in local SEO.

If you have a physical location, then you need to rank for local search terms when your customers search for your products or services. You can choose to go with paid ads to rank above your competitors, or you can work on capturing one fo the 3 spots in the Local Map Pack.

  • Local SEO is geo-targeted and timely. Local SEO marketing gets your business listed in the 3 spots available in the Map Pack. Securing your company with local map optimizations helps get you found by local customers in real-time as they are searching for a local solution that you offer.
  • Google Local SEO attracts customers on mobile devices. Local map optimizations help you get found by customers in your geographic area. These people use their smartphones to find information about local products and services, and you can secure more foot traffic and local leads.
  • Local SEO offers a high ROI. While there are many variables, your company won’t have to make significant investments into a successful local SEO marketing strategy like you would with other forms of advertising.
  • Local SEO is untapped potential. Your competition is spending a lot of money to rank for general search terms. You can stretch your marketing budget by paying for local SEO to generate qualified leads and phone calls.

There are only three spots available in the Map Pack, so it is essential that SEO for your local business include a strategy around local search terms. It would help if you used every local search tactic available to beat your competition to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find your business.

Even if you have never heard of local SEO before, you can’t deny that the benefits local search offers are valuable! Just think about how your business could benefit by driving more local foot traffic, qualified phone calls, and close more sales!

Can My Business Benefit From Local SEO Marketing?

Now that we have talked about what local SEO is, it’s time to talk about if a local SEO strategy is a good option for your business. There are so many types of local businesses that it can be challenging to know if your company can benefit from local SEO services.

The truth is that not all businesses need local SEO marketing. There are several types of businesses that benefit more than others when implementing local searches in their market.

Since not all types of businesses benefit from Google local SEO, it’s important to know that your business type will see results from your investment into local SEO marketing. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 types of companies that benefit the most from local SEO strategy.

  1. Medical Services: Doctor offices, dentists, and physical therapists have lots of business opportunities with local SEO. Potential patients need to physically visit medical services, so your office can use local map optimization to get found online.
  2. Service & Maintenance: HVAC companies, locksmiths, and cleaning companies are in demand throughout the year and you can use local searches to generate more local leads and phone calls.
  3. Law Offices: Law firms know that online marketing is tough and generating leads can be expensive. While your local market might be tough, you can strengthen your brand and drive prospective clients with professional local SEO services.
  4. Restaurants & Cafes: If your restaurant wants to increase the chances of getting found by local customers looking for the best restaurants in the area.
  5. Breweries: Breweries are a type of business that can see the benefits of local SEO. Local search engine optimization can increase online visibility, secure more reservations, and promote your beer and wine selection throughout the week!
  6. Apartments: Apartment marketing is tough, but you can use local SEO strategies to get in front of potential renters. Localized SEO is perfect to improve your apartment’s visibility and get more people to your leasing office.
  7. Hospitality Industry: Hotels can use local SEO strategies to get found above the competition and even beat out OTAs. This is a critical part of any hotel marketing strategy since hotels rely on drive markets and bookers in the general area.
  8. Pet Services: Dog grooming, pet sitting, and pet supply companies can use local SEO to build an online presence with customers in their regional area.
  9. Real Estate Agents: Home buyers are living in your neighborhood, and you want to show your realtor listings to. Take advantage of local SEO if you want to get more home buyers today!
  10. Local Retailers: If you own a boutique clothing shop or other local retail stores, then Google local SEO is a must-have piece of your marketing plan. Show off your products on Google My Business and build an online following with customers living and visiting near your storefront!

Does your business fall into one of the ten industries listed above? If so, then local SEO marketing is for you! Since we have identified the types of industries that benefit most from local SEO marketing, let’s take a look at the specific benefits that your business will enjoy by enhancing your local SEO strategy!

Hire Google Ads Agency to promote your local business

It’s Time To Get Your Local SEO Strategy Going!

At this you should know if your business will benefit from local SEO along with the benefits that local search offers. If this post speaks to you, then it’s time to take advantage of local search engine marketing! If you are looking for better search results or help to improve your local listings in Google Maps or Bing then you can trust that our SEO campaigns will help you dominate local search results.

Our local SEO consultants perform detailed SEO audits, lead technical SEO campaigns, conduct thorough keyword research, and build authoritative local links to help your business grow.

We will also take care of your Google My Business page with optimizations and GMB posts each week to keep your online presence strong. Not only will our Google Map optimizations help your business and we will also provide your team with transparent monthly reports so you know exactly what your campaigns perform and cost.

If you want more foot traffic and local leads, then you should talk with our online marketing team to get started on local SEO services. We help you reach the top of local Map Pack and beat your competition on Google!

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