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Webomind Technologies offer the most cost-efficient advantage of releasing your company’s newsworthy events by combining our writing skills with public relations.

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Press releases, as the name suggest are used to distribute the business related information to journalists, reporters, and news outlets. When you have to offer your business’s events to a larger audience, the best way is to use a press release so that the information is distributed to a larger set of people.

Press Release is the most cost-efficient alternative to drive public internet in your brand’s story without investing much. By releasing your newsworthy events online you are letting people talk about your brand as the online information is accessible from anywhere.

For the small businesses that do not have enough information about laying their news online, Webomind Technologies is here to serve you all. With our extensive public network and full-fledged press release experience, we try to help businesses to gain strong market reputation with the least amount spent.

E- Press Releases are the most efficient ones as they follow the niche targeting and are distributed among the esteemed media outlets. The content for the Press Release is drafted by our top-notched experts having sound knowledge regarding the target industry niche and targeted area’s local dynamics. The content of the press release is completely reliable and credible which includes keywords and is purely customer-domain oriented. We also maintain the quality of content so that it doesn’t conflict with any political, personal medical or scientific notions. We present information that is purely true.

These Press Releases are then distributed to the list of Segmented Journalists and Media Outlets in accordance to the interest and targeted domains.

Importance of press release

  • It lets people know about your new product or service launches.
  • It helps in gaining free brand popularity.
  • Press release also drives interest of people in the particular brand.
  • This a very efficient and cost effective way as the word is spread to a larger audience in a very little amount of time.
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Press Release Features

Creative Angles to showcase your message

We use out-of-the-box ideas to present your brand message to customers. We use customer-directed ideas to attract mass public so that they can relate to the content and understand your business with some appeal.

Attention-Seeking Headlines

A piece of content is incomplete without some catchy, quirky headline. We understand this, and so we use the shortest headlines with some captivating words that grab user’s or journalist’s attention.

Brand Message Highlight

We highlight your brand’s message, key points and subject related information with some striking language that invokes reader’s curiosity to read more and dive into the content.

Bullet Points

We do not just write the press release in paragraphs; instead we use bullet points, numbered list and highlighted words to mention your story. This lets users to grasp information quite easily.

Search Engine Optimized

We take complete advantage of our SEO skills to make sure that your brand story gain search engine’s visibility. We try to incorporate keywords, highly used phrases and original content to make your press release a credible one.

Use of Multimedia

For drawing the attention of masses, the most efficient thing is to make use of multimedia like videos, audios and pictures. We bring your business story to life by adding our spark of supportive multimedia.

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