Social Media Optimization

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Content Improvisation and brand visibility

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Generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product

Low cost-effective factor

Maintaining online reputation management

Refers to software tools that automate this process

What is SMO?

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is a new thunder wave in the field of digital marketing which acts as perfection connection between your Search Engine Optimization and your social media accounts.

SMO is basically the promotion and brand awareness campaign for your business deployed on various social media platforms through posting of good and attention grabbing content.

How Social Media Optimization (SMO) Works?

SMO is more like enhancing posting targeted content to build a powerful and personal relationship with the audience.

It helps you craft your strong social media presence, lets you build personal connection with your target audience, drive more qualified and relevant traffic, and hence increase your lead generation.

Try to add more of hashtags # in your content as gets you more users who follow that hashtag.

Link a post with all your social media accounts to get maximum profit out of a post.

Do not hustle hard to add more and more keywords as it might present you as a spam account. Make your post informative and eye-catching while smartly playing with words to add targeted keywords.

How can SMO help you enhance your web presence?

  • 1. Integration of Your Social Media with Your Website

  • To expand your online marketing campaign you need to have a good blend of your social media sites and your website. Integrate social Media links and buttons that lead to those pages. You can also put direct links to your website on your social media platforms.

    Adding social media sharing button on your blogs is also a good way to promote your website.

    Allowing users to signup or login on your platform through their social media accounts which makes it simpler for them hence increasing registration counts on your platform.

  • 2. Expand your followers network:

  • Number of Followers on your social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter make powerful impact on your user base. Getting fake likes or fake followers is just in vein and doesn’t provide you any credibility on the social media platform.

    Make a good social media strategy which helps you get organic followers and eventually craft your brand niche online.

  • 3. Choose right Keywords:

  • To let your social media profile trigger more leads, you need to make your website keyword parallel with your social media content. Smartly try to maintain content on your social profile such as include it in your social profile name or your profile information. But do not overdo it as it might portray you as a spam.

  • 4. Try to draft striking content for searches:

  • Whatever you are posting on your social media accounts, make sure to keep it specific to your domain, short and nice. Make it attention grabbing by adding video, graphics or anything. Just make sure your post’s content is well-optimized.

  • 5. Include Micro-Blogging:

  • Unlike blogs which are lengthy, Micro blogging are the small blog posts which are generally one or two sentence to share a piece of information, article, video or any news updates. Tumblr, FriendFeed are some of the micro-blogging websites you may use.