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We at Webomind Technologies use our Software to help businesses and brands to outgrow their marketing strategies by using pay-per-click advertisement.

Advertising on Social Media

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is the most evolving digital marketing strategy used nowadays. Many platforms have come up to introduce PPC marketing but the ones ruling this competitive market are Google AdWords and Facebook PPC advertising.

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How PPC is important for businesses?

PPC is a form of advertising in which you draft your highly domain based Ads and pay for only those Ads which have resulted in clicks to your website. It is a tool to expand your online marketing campaign.

PPC is like a pool of infinite opportunity for businesses to broaden their market to large audience. The major reason of PPC gaining popularity in this fast pacing digital marketing industry is its ability to let businesses produce targeted Ads that are highly domain centric. These Ads help to draft a substantial analytics chart to help businesses understand the behavior and engagement of their target audience with their published content.

The best part about PPC ads is that you do not need to pay for all the Ads. Instead, you need to pay every time your Ad is clicked and has led you to a user on your platform. You need to choose the keyword and your target audience. Then depending on how many people you have reached through the Ads, your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is determined. Initially, you need to specify the Maximum CPC you can pay when someone clicks on your Ad. You would not be charged more than that Maximum CPC specified by you.

How Facebook PPC Works?

Facebook Ads are displayed on varied spots on our display like the sidebar, newsfeed section or may be on Instagram feed of the user as Faceboook owns it as well. These Ads can be presented in varying formats including Videos Ads, Text Based Ads or may be Carousel Ads- Different links pointing to a same Advertisement. You may also try the method of connections like the people who have liked your Facebook page or the ones who have visited your website or friends of people who have visited or liked your Facebook page.

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Facebook PPC Features

Advertising, Promoting & Branding

We have seen the future and it would be PPC driven

Recognition of Brand

People are more active on social media nowadays than any other platform. Seeing advertisements will make them more aware of the brand.

Better Brand Loyalty

More the awareness more would be the trust on the brand and hence, it will help to create a loyal relationship between the customers.

Reasonable market rates

As payment in this method depends upon the number of clicks, it receives, it is very reasonable and only relevant people are being paid for not any unnecessary traffic.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

As more and more people will visit the site, it will increase the traffic and hence will lead to a better search engine ranking.

Targeting the potential customers

This is the most crucial factor as if you do not choose wisely about your target audience you might end up wasting money on those unqualified audience for your platform.

Generating User Specific Content

Being on social media and refining through the search of the users, there will be a better understanding of the needs of the user and will help generate user dependent content.

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