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5 Top Mobile App Promotion Techniques To Use

5 top Mobile App Promotion Techniques that can be used…

1. Social Media Marketing:

The easiest way to promote anything in this world is through social media platforms. With a huge crowd online you can reach your target audience easily, but don’t be boring there, simply putting your application link won’t attract any audience. Do it smartly, show your application showcasing all its usefulness in an interesting way that people read about it, and want to learn more about it. Your introductory text should be attractive enough to engage more audience. People should see that your post is worth clicking. So here is the 1st tip to promote your app online, get your phone, and post about your new app on all social media platforms. Posts should be interesting and engaging and useful.

The well-known platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Every platform has a different sort of crowd, now you decide what sort of audience you might need as your target. For instance, Instagram is a place where you will find all millennials, so if your target customers are on Instagram, create one business account for your app and start promoting your app.

2. Check-in Rewards to your Customers:

Another way to promote your application is by giving check-in rewards to your customers. You can encourage your potential customers to use your app by offering some rewards. It can be of any form like you can offer discounts,  rewards points that they can use later too. You can also offer incentives, prize, recognition for some fixed number of visits on the app. Do something that allures customers and they visit and use your application. Customers who are using the services like Google+, ShopKick, FourSquare can be convinced to check-in to your place by offering them rewards. It is a simple way to attract new customers. In the beginning, this practice can help you to gain more customers.

3. Interesting Landing page:

A powerful landing page comprising of all the important information is one best way to let people know about the app. In brief, a small self-explanatory introduction in clear words is enough. In general, the landing page is known as the home page where the major functions of applications are mentioned. It is like an introduction of customers to the app. It can be more than just the introduction page, you can add links to your application which takes users to iOS and android app stores directly from where they can download the application. There are many applications which are using these techniques and getting benefit also. For example, see the Landing Page of Tinder you will get the idea of how the landing page should be and how much information should be included in it to give a brief idea about an App.

4. User Retention:

In the beginning, you must pay importance to every single user of your application. Talk to one user at a time, it would be great if you make a small group of some users who could provide you honest feedback. It is imperative to get those feedbacks in the beginning phase as somehow they validate the motive of your application. Listen to your user reviews and make sure they remain loyal to your service, once you get that initial trust from customers, it would become easy to find new customers as well. Apart from all social media platforms, mouth marketing still stands on the top. Because when a real-time user speaks about the goodness of an application, it becomes easy to build trust in another user. Hence talk about the app service to your customers, get their reviews, & feedbacks and also listen to their complaints. Modify according to your customer reviews and feedbacks, this is how you will gain recognition. Remember, a happy customer will bring you 100 more customers.

5. Work on your App Store page Optimization:

Optimization on the app store page is a basic yet critical strategy for the promotion of Application. More than 50% of people who have downloaded an app on the play store or app store have found it because they spot the app while browsing through the app store.

The way your website should be good enough for customer acceptance or can be considered as digital equivalent showcasing your business, the same way an app is something that helps in distinguishing your business from all the other competing portals. The idea driving App Store or Play Store optimization is to let your user known about your application so they can find and download your app from the app store. The optimization technique focusses on conversation rate optimization and keyword optimization.

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Best 3 Ideas For On Demand Food Ordering App Development That Always Work

What should I eat today? Chinese, Continental or South Indian?? Yes!!

Questions like these we face every day.  So today, we’re going to explain the 3 basic ideas for food ordering app development, and how each of them works.

In today’s busy world people prefer ordering food more than making themselves, whether it’s ordering from their work places or after coming home, for such thing Pizza is the biggest example.

Online food ordering-delivery ways are feeding so many people across the globe and making profits not only to the customers but to themselves as well.

Their explosive growth has made entrepreneurs sit up and take hold. Some leading industries are Food Panda, Grub hub, and Delivery Hero, which is known in different places.

But before moving ahead, let’s learn how such Apps and websites work and make money.

Leading companies like Food Panda and Grub Hub are following simple basic formula by just building a common platform for customer and restaurants. Users just search for a restaurant and place the order and either pay online or choose cash on delivery (COD).The delivery part is taken care by the restaurant owner. Most important things that are to be taken care are firstly online food ordering systems partner with the local restaurants that offer Home delivery systems. During the deal, commissions are pre-decided, and also the restaurant gets publicity through the app and Web page.

Therefore today, we’re going to explain 3 basic and most important types of food ordering app development ideas for people who are interested in food ordering business.

Order-Focused Food Ordering App

Order-Focused Ordering App works as a center between different local restaurants and customers, delivering access to different types of cuisines through a food ordering app. Its main objective is to provide customer support for orders.

Logistics -Focused Food Ordering App

Logistics focused app grants its customers to compare different cuisines across various restaurants and order from a variety of cuisines from the mobile app.

For restaurants that don’t deliver their meal on their own, this type of partnership could be very beneficial. As such restaurants just have to focus on the quality of food, and not on paying salaries to drivers, providing insurance to the vehicles and the drivers and maintenance of the vehicle. This helps to deliver a quality food and this stuff can be handled by food ordering systems.

To cover the delivery cost food ordering systems can charge both customer and the restaurant on a fixed margin.

Full-Service Food Ordering App

Full-Service Food Ordering App is unlike order focused food ordering app and logistics food ordering app, they establish their own kitchen, heir their own chefs and delivers their food to the customers. Full-Service Food Ordering App does not work with any restaurants in partnership.

When it comes to comparing all the three types order focused food ordering app and logistics food ordering app is more promising type than Full-Service Food Ordering App.

Keep the following points in your mind while creating your food ordering portal:

  1. Invest in custom build website.
  2. Target a smaller area and then expand.
  3. Add helpful and innovative features.
  4. Make the order placement procedure simpler.
  5. Mobile Friendly

To encourage restaurants to collaborate with your food ordering app is by giving good incentives and making the deal profitable on both sides.

What’s New in WatchOS 4 for App Developers

As we recently heard Apple is bringing a new version of its smart watch, WatchOS 4. WatchOS 4 brings more brilliance and fitness features to Apple Watch.

“Apple Watch is the ground breaking device for a healthy life and is now more imaginative than ever with WatchOS 4,” said Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

Apple today revised WatchOS 4, featuring a Siri watch face that shows the information clients need today the most, smart Activity coaching and a completely new music experience. The new features have enhanced Workout app and introduce Gym Kit, an innovative technology that offers clients to be connected to their cardio equipment. Reminders and Wallet are new headlines of the new Apple News app for Apple Watch. With each raise of the wrist, the data on the screen actively updates based on the time of day, daily routines and information from apps such as breath, Alarms, activity, Maps etc.


Every morning, the customer will receive a notification if they’re close to earning an Achievement or suggest what they can do to enhance more than yesterday’s activity levels. If required, toward the end of the day, the user will be told exactly how long they need to walk to close their Activity Rings before the day is over. Customers will also get Monthly Challenges designed just for them.

With WatcheOS 4, users doing back-to-back workouts can combine multiple workouts to capture overall calorie loss and time. First time in history information not previously communicated between a smart watch and fitness machine will sync now including calories burned, distance, speed, decline, incline — resulting in the most accurate calculations.

Watch Faces and Bands

Now in addition to the Siri watch face, new Toy Story watch faces deliver amazing characters including Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear and the Kaleidoscope watch face turns static images into different fascinating patterns. Apple also delivers new summer band colors’ giving customers more options to choose as per their personal style.

Payments with Apple Pay

WatchOS 4, Apple Watch customers can make and receive any kind of payments quickly person to person, easily and securely with friends, family or any one with Apple Pay within Messages or with the help of Siri. As soon as the customer gets paid, they receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash account and can use it instantly to send to someone or make purchases using Apple Pay in stores and apps or transfer it to their bank account.

With wide system improvements in WatchOS 4, Developer’s apps will be faster and more responsive than ever before. Create a better customer experience with UI improvements, including help for full screen apps and overlapping layers that support your apps to show text over video animations and you can also give app permission for location usage right on Apple watch. Information’s can be directly sent to Apple watch so users can make adjustments.