Just like everything extraordinary and beyond understanding was considered out of reach and crazy artificial intelligence and digital marketing faced the same stigma. Well today, in the online era artificial intelligence and digital marketing are the wheels on which your business is ridding. It’s a neck-breaking pace and you need to keep up if you want to remain in the race.

2020 brought lessons with it and here is what we should learn in the fast-moving world where technology and consumer both change neck to neck.

Digital Marketing Trends in India

  1. Artificial knowledge is on the road to becoming new normal

Artificial Intelligence has not only taken on the simplest jobs but has made its way into the marketing world as well. AI is highly efficient, productive, and less time-consuming in analyzing a large amount of consumer data and predicts probable behavior and patterns, and take the required action. AI can also engage customers better

2. Chatbots

This highly stimulating technology will give you an experience of conversing with a human in real-time 24*7. Chatbots are interactive, informative, and gives site visitors instant responses. This removes the problem of waiting time. Chatbots are part of most of the business these days. They also give responses based on the customer’s previous engagements and visits.

3. Personalization of advertising

Personalized advertising makes you stand out and gets a positive response from consumers. Brands like Netflix and Amazon are good examples here. They recommend products solely in the interest of their customers.

4. Shopping through social media

This is a trend which consumers love. It’s easy, quick, and efficient. This is referred to as social commerce and is very effective in increasing sales. It presents your products at a place, customers are visiting out of their choice so they are more open towards buying it

5. Analyzing the consumer sentiment

This involves studying consumer’s sentiment towards a particular product or service generally on social media where consumers can share their views. This algorithm will dredge through your data for online responses.

6. Structured SEO

What? Did you thought or heard that SEO is dead? Ignore all these talks. SEO is like a shapeshifter. In 2020 structured data will dominate the search engine result. Structured data can give an SEO boost. Structured data is any data neatly organized which makes it easier for the search engine to categorize. Structure your data in columns, tables, boxes, etc.

It can also be used to create Rich Snippets, showing an image, review stats, and price.

7. Secondary Social media channels

Social media has a reach that cannot be evaluated at hand or precise. So making attendance at alternative social sites will help in gaining an audience in the long run.

8. Influencer marketing

This is a very effective strategy to gain a primary audience. The social media celebrities or other leaders which relate to your brands can bring audience and attention to your brand by word of mouth advertising. It’s authentic as the niche following of these influencers, trusts their word.

9. Advertising programmatically

AI algorithms increase the efficiency of resources and optimize online advertising campaigns. AI automates your ad buying, placing bid which increases conversions, and customer acquisition decreases. 82.6% of display ads will be automated in the coming year.

10. Visual search

Visual search enhances consumer experience to a new level. It’s easier, precise, and interactive, and highly efficient. Major brands like Google have this tool and it shows. Pinterest is the best example of using this tool it continuously increases its functionality by including QR code, a fully automated shop the look, barcodes, etc.

Marketers can get an edge in competition by using visual search.

11. Interactive Emails

Yes, emails are still a reliable source of advertising. Instead of leaving this old school method revamp it. Make your emails more interactive, personalized, rather than batch-and-blast emails.

12. Video ad engagement

A video ad strategy with an aim in mind can increase your audience. Create the campaign according to your audience and present your brand image in light of what warms up the audience towards you. Give a message with which the audience can relate to.

13. Voice search

Data speaks about the effect of voice search-

  • 50% of searches in 2020 are through voice search
  • 62% of people use smart speakers in their daily routines

Voice search gives relevant information through audio content. With time smart speakers have enhanced their performances and utility.

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