Paid Advertising techniques or Paid Marketing, what does that mean to you? How can it help your business bloom?

How can you implement paid marketing to attract more customers? have got no clue. Chill, we have got you covered.

Although most of us are aware of work MARKETING and can talk about it when asked. But the striking point comes about how to implement paid marketing to enhance sales?

From the newspaper ads to search result Ads, the scenario of ad marketing has definitely seen a huge change. As the name clearly suggests, paid ads are those where you pay for advertising for your brands, products, and services.

The drop in organic traffic has made marketers use these paid techniques for building their brand value and advertise them online to attract more customers and increases their sales.

Just by paying for the ads, you can run them online on various websites, social platforms or in search results to target your audiences and eventually earn a huge profit and a customer domain out of it.

If you are someone new to digital marketing or wish to invest your hard-earned money in increasing your sales online, then, of course, you need some really good strategies to kick start.

Here are some of the paid marketing techniques you can use in 2020 to increase your sales.

Best Paid Marketing Strategies:

1. Pay per click Advertising:


An online advertising strategy that has been in trend since long back and is not going to slow down in upcoming years too. In Pay per click, advertisers have to pay every single time when a user clicks on their online advertisement. And it’s a fact that visitors who come from PPC are more likely to become your potential customers than the visitors generated organically.

The most common PPC advertising method is “paid search ads”. In this, the advertisement will show up as a result when a user searches about it. For instance, a user search for a bakery shop, then, as a result, your shop’s advertisement will show up. The name “pay-per-click” because the advertisers need to pay only when someone sees and clicks on that advertisement.

2. Advertisement by influencers:


From the last few years, it has become a trend where brands collaborate with influencers to advertise their product. Influencers who have huge followers on various social media can grab the attention of millions with a single product advertisement. Therefore it’s a great way to target your audience.

It is becoming popular lately because people follow those influencers and will use that product if their favorite influencer is using it. It will require more money than pay-per-click obviously but it will definitely work better than pay-per-click, as users sometimes block this pay-per-click advertising.

3. Social Media Advertising:

Social Media Advertising

A good approach for advertising online where you can reach a large number of audiences altogether. This powerful approach involves your brand advertisement on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Choose the platform which is best suitable for your product, for instance, if you are a shoe seller than make a business page on Instagram and Facebook, and post the picture of your products and suppose you are a choreographer than create your channel on youtube for posting videos to attract the audience who are interested to learn from you.
So keep your audience in mind choose the platform wisely, and advertise your product or service. Facebook has one feature of “audience insight” which allows you to learn much more about your audience purchase behavior, demography, etc. You can connect with top Social Media Agencies.

4. Banner Ads

Banner Ads

An old practice but still working for advertising online. Banner ads also term as a web banner is a way through which advertisement on a web page is run by an ad server. You must have seen these ads that display on top of a web page, now from desktop they are displaying it on mobile devices as well.

You can practice this approach for attracting good traffic to your website because even after new modern techniques in the market, it has still remained one effective way to make popular your brand and product online. Many marketers and businesses are using this technique. Generally run by a central ad server, the promotion of a brand is done by getting visitors from the host to the advertiser’s website.

5. Ad Retargeting:

It’s like a reminder to your customers who came to your website, visited but did not make any purchase or avail any services. And when they visit other websites, your advertisement will show up on those sites.

This involves the use of cookies from websites of users where the activities, browsing content are tracked anonymously. Later results are made according to the collected data about what customers actually seeking online, and then the relevant ad is made available to them. This strategy goes with website banners, apps, and search.

Many businesses are using this approach to advertise and expanding sales. The strategy is effective more for those websites which have already a large number of users/ visitors. Implement this paid advertising strategy if your website already has a huge traffic rate.

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Still wondering about what types of Paid Advertising techniques you can use for your business, here is a list of best-Paid Marketing strategies you can implement.

1. Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the marketing practice in which you ask your affiliates to promote your goods, service and your brand on their platform and if you earn any visit through that affiliate you pay a certain commission to them as a token. Every time you get a user on your website you need to pay your affiliate. Wikipedia has bifurcated 4 parties in affiliate marketing namely- the merchant who owns website or business, the network, the publisher who is your affiliate publishing the ad, and the customer who visits your website.

2. Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are the kind of marketing in which advertisements are published by the automated Advertisement network. In this, your ad would be published on the website or any other media that have content relevant to your advertisement. The ads are shown to that user who searches for the relevant thing. This kind of marketing is quite common on mobile devices and even Google Adsense is now having a specific ad format for mobile.

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3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads and Campaigns

You must have seen Ads popping up on search engines like Google when you search for a particular product or service relevant to that advertisement, right? That is PPC. It is a way of Internet Marketing in which the brand pays whenever a user clicks on the ad and land on the brand’s website.

The PPC ads have attained quite a fame recently with their age success rate. The PPC ads are based on bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business. This makes sure that you are targeting your potential customer domain who would search for the service he requires and would land on your page.

4. Banner Ads:

Banner Ads is another Paid Marketing technique you can use in 2020 to publish your ad widespread on the internet. These are the small banners in rectangular shape published on various web pages. These banner ads can vary in color choices, size, appearance and subject content. They can be made attractive so that the user clicks on the ad and land on your website.

5. Social Media Ads:

Who isn’t familiar with the power of social media and how it can drive your users to your online platform. Social media ads are the best way to create an elite brand image online. They work on social media advertisements on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can target your demographic location customers and attract them to buy products with some powerful ad campaigns.

6. Video Marketing:

68% of users say that they get more attracted to Video ads that promote products and 87% of businesses are using video marketing to increase their online traffic.
So what are you thinking about? Video marketing can act as the most influential technique in your marketing campaign as it generates good leads and helps in sale conversions. The above numbers must have convinced you about how video marketing can help you in 2020.

Put your best foot forward to publish an attractive video with a magnetizing title that attracts users to click on it.

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